Labrador Retriever Puppies for sale in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, ACT, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia & NT.
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Labrador Retriever puppies for sale in Australia!

Labrador Retriever puppies are for sale in Australia with pups 4 sale puppy classifieds!

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Labrador Retriever puppies are for sale in Australia with pups for sale puppy classifieds. Buy or sell your Australian Labrador Retriever puppies here!
Labrador Retriever adult dog

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Labrador Retriever breed information:

Adult weight range
Average lifespan
12 years
Adult height at shoulder
Males:57cm Females:54cm
Average weekly cost
Labrador Retrievers come in black, gold and chocolate brown.
Labrador Retrievers require brushing only once a week.
Labrador Retrievers originated in Newfoundland in the 1600s. Their original duties were to retrieve fishermen's nets from the frigid waters. However once they made their way to England, they were heavily used for retrieving waterfowl for hunters, and became popular as family dogs due to their great nature.
Labrador Retrievers are definitely a family dog. Whilst able to work, they love being with family members, including children.
Labrador Retrievers are food hogs. If overfed and/or not given adequate exercise, they can easily become overweight, resulting in a number of health problems.


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