11 Dog Training Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

With the lockdown caused by coronavirus, many individuals decided to adopt or acquire a dog. The thing is, dogs are faithful companions who usually express their happiness and affection towards humans. They have a surprising ability to learn all kinds of skills, but you should have a little notion about some dog training hacks.

Training a pet requires patience and perseverance, but the results are very rewarding. You can also not ignore the importance of your animal feeling comfortable and motivated during the training sessions. Below we will talk about top 11 dog training hacks for your peace of mind.

What Is Dog Training?

Training a dog consists of teaching your dog to respond concretely to a verbal command and gesture signal. Since the line that separates training from education is very thin, pups4sale.com.au explains the main differences between the two concepts.

Differences Between Educating And Training A Dog

If after confinement for coronavirus you have realized that you want to adopt a dog, the first thing you should take into account is the difference between educating and training and the purpose of each one.

The objective of educating a dog is to guide it during its learning since it is a puppy so that it learns to behave and adapt in different daily situations, thus making it feel safe and calm.

While training is intended to teach the dog to take a specific action after a command, such as “give me your leg.” However, we often confuse both concepts because when we teach a dog to sit, we teach it to obey a specific order.

The Use Of Positive And Negative Reinforcement

During the learning process with our dogs, methods are used to establish an association between a stimulus and the animal’s response through conditioning. At the same time, it is about finding out your dog’s needs and abilities to promote them.

For this, we use reinforcements, which refers to an added element that motivates the animal to carry out learning. These reinforcements can be of two types:

Positive Reinforcement: It consists of giving the animal a stimulus that motivates it, such as a reward in the form of food, games, affectionate words, caresses, when it performs the desired behavior. In this way, the dog will repeat the action to receive the prize again.

Negative Reinforcement: It is based on removing an annoying or repulsive stimulus from the animal. For example, stretching the leash against the ground so that it lies down because the moment it does, it will stop feeling the pressure. The dog will repeat the behavior to avoid or flee from that unpleasant stimulus.

The benefits of training a positive dog are essential to establish a bond between the dog and its owner. The second technique is not recommended since, despite giving quick results, it does not create that bond of trust with the animal. It contributes to forming an insecure character, being able to develop harmful or unwanted behaviors.

When To Train A Dog

If you have just adopted a dog, you should know that it is as old as it is; it can be trained because they learn throughout their lives. However, it is not the same to teach new things to a puppy as to an adult dog since puppies are at a stage where they learn non-stop from everything around them.

For this reason, an adult dog will not be as receptive to new learnings and will have a much harder time assimilating them. It will also be essential to attend to its physical and cognitive abilities if you plan to teach it new things, be very patient, and maintain a positive and motivating attitude every time you are with him.

How To Train A Puppy

After confinement for coronavirus, you may have decided to adopt a dog. If it is a puppy, training will be a most rewarding task, but it will require patience and perseverance. The first thing you should teach it is to come to your call, walk without pulling the leash, pick up and drop objects, sit down, lie down, and give the leg.

It would be best if you also educated it to avoid certain behaviors that could be problematic in the future, such as suppressing the bite, learning to relieve himself outside the home, or helping it feel safe when it is home alone, or you have a visitor. Here are some dog training hacks: 

1 Teach Them To Be On Leash

This exercise is fundamental for getting calm, relaxed, and unhurried walks. Do you have a huge dog on the end of the leash? Is your dog pulling until choking? Do you have pain in your arms? Learning to walk on a leash without pulling a dog is essential.

The tensions of a puppy at the end of the leash are tolerable when the puppy is only a few pounds. But once the puppy becomes an adult, it is no longer bearable! For this dog training hack, you will need a lot of time, and you will have to respect certain vital concepts.

We must not confuse walking on a leash without pulling and walking on a leash. Walking on a leash is the exercise that allows your dog to be at knee level and walk right next to you.

2 Teach Them To Leave Things Alone

Your dog sometimes has to leave things lying around or let them go, for example, if it is not supposed to eat something. Below are three dog training hacks command that can help you actualize this:

 “Sit”: This command is often learned first and very quickly. It is helpful if you want to leash your dog somewhere in everyday life, stop briefly to chat while walking, or want to load something into the car.

“Rest”: With this command, you bring your dog to rest. When you are in the office, and you want your dog to stay with you or when you don’t want it to run around in a restaurant. It is also a matter of practice. Your dog will not lie down immediately after learning the command. Slowly but steadily increase the duration.

“Stop”: This command is indispensable when crossing streets or when walking in the field. It tells your dog to stop immediately. If the leash gets caught or you want to put it back on, your dog will stop for it—an interesting dog life hacks.

3 Make Enough Time For Play

If you have any unimportant activity that takes up your time, cancel them and dedicate that time to your dog. Exercise together with him. Design an outdoor routine where you interact with your dog and can play with it while you exercise. Ensure that you spend at least an additional hour and a half with your dog.

When you are at home with him, spend time and pay attention to him. Play games with it at home. Create homemade toys with recyclable materials and make your dog have fun while you have fun too. It is among the important life hacks for dogs. 

4 Crate Train Your Dog

A crate is a top-rated tool, but it is often misused or considered cruel. It is therefore essential to understand this tool to be able to use it positively and effectively.

First of all, it is essential to think of the crate as a learning aid for your dog or puppy and not a place of confinement or punishment. Be aware that the sooner they start using it, the more benefits you will derive from using it—it is one excellent puppy life hacks.

Benefits Of Crate Training Correctly

  • Acceleration of toilet training in a puppy (or an adult dog).
  • Sense of security of the puppy and the adult dog.
  • Damage limitation and protection of the puppy or adult dog during absences.
  • Help to calm a rowdy or excited dog.

5 Train Them For Bedtime

Most times, especially during the first weeks of your puppies’ life, they’ll always be pressed to use the restroom. However, if you don’t train them at this point, you might miss teaching them to go back to sleep. Dogs love to play and get rewards, especially when they are young, even during the night. It would be best if you taught your dogs to always go back to sleep at night after doing their restroom business or for whatever reason—one vital dog hacks.

6 Listen To Your Dog And Their Behavior

Dogs communicate a lot, with their peers, of course, but also with us. The only problem is that they are not speaking. So it is sometimes difficult to decipher the signals they send us, and that is not among the easy life hacks for dogs.

To be sure that you correctly interpret the signs of discomfort that your dog is sending you, you need to listen to your dog or know its behavior. Like us, each dog is unique, and some have their ways of expressing their discomfort. The most important thing is learning to observe your dog, know him, and then identify any problems—one important dog training hacks not to ignore.

7 Be Affectionate

Taking care of a dog is more demanding than it looks, no matter how other dog hacks make it seem. Whether small or large, dogs have special needs to meet. To succeed in living in harmony with a canine, you need presence, consistency, and above all, a lot of patience. Making yourself available to your dog and showing affection is one interesting dog training hacks.

8 Be Consistent

First, you need to plan a routine in which you spend all your time teaching a command. It is not recommended that the sessions last more than 10 or 20 minutes, as your dog will get bored and easily distracted by learning not to obey and do it daily to create a routine and ensure consistency. Consistency ensures that your dog won’t forget previous training as seen in many puppy hacks. 

9 Don’t Expect Too Much

You cannot expect your dog to do everything the first time, and you must go little by little through small goals, increasing the difficulty progressively, but still do not expect much. Otherwise, the puppy will not understand what you want and will become frustrated.

10 Reward Genuinely, Don’t Bribe

Offer your puppy the treat that it likes the most so that it associates it with something valuable and increases its motivation and attention. That is why we do not advise rewarding it with something it has daily, such as caresses, games, or its feed. Better to do it with a special prize only during the session.

11 Let Them Earn Their Freedom

A dog’s crate creates a feeling of comfort and security to the dog. However, dogs shouldn’t be entirely confined to knowing freedom as running around the yard or the yard. You should train your dog to also see their crates as a place for enjoying their freedom. It will be beneficial for your dog and also for you.


The education or training of your dog is essential, and this is essential from the first weeks. Educating a dog means allowing it to have a great relationship with you and your family, and thus to be fully happy in your home. Not to mention that a poorly trained dog risks making your life difficult and can also become dangerous. Did our life hacks for dog owners contain all you need or do you have any other dog training hacks that we didn’t mention? You can drop it in the comment section.

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