Google Ads now being used by puppy scammers

A recent tactic being used by puppy scammers is advertising on the Google Ads network. As we say in the accompanying video, you would think that Google, with its limitless resources, would have the capability and the desire to stop scammers from advertising on their platform. As shown in the video however, Google is clearly not putting its resources to use effectively, as scams are starting to abound on Google Ads. scam adsense ads 01

Scammers use stolen credit cards to set up fake accounts with Google Ads and immediately start running their ads on that platform. Such ads appear on websites as well as in the search results pages on Google's own website. It is entirely understandable that consumers, seeing such ads, would assume Google has verified in some manner the advertiser's legitimacy and therefore the ad itself points to a legitimate website. 

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is, you simply cannot take Google Ads on face value. You can be sure that as the scammers are using Google Ads for puppy scams, they are also using that platform to run every other type of scam their evil hearts can dream up. That is why (in the case of puppies) you need to make sure you are first dealing with advertisers on a site (such as pups4sale - unique in the Australian marketplace) that makes every effort to verify advertisers and their ads.

Sadly it seems Google can take many weeks to detect and remove such ads - even after the ads have been reported to Google via their reporting procedures. That is why you need to be as vigilant as ever when clicking through to sites advertised on their platform - as it simply cannot be trusted.

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