louisequalitypuppieshome.com and aussieteacuppuppies.net puppy scams websites

In today's video we demonstrate the explosion in scam puppy websites that have accompanied the onset of the Covid-19 virus. Puppy scammers are pumping out huge numbers of duplicate websites - rather like the human viruses they are - trying to capture as many Australian puppy buyers in their evil net as possible.

In this video, you'll see two sites - aussieteacuppuppies.net and louisequalitypuppieshome.com - which are produced and run by exactly the same scam syndicate. As the name suggests, aussieteacuppuppies targets those buyers interested in the Toy breeds, whereas louisequalitypuppieshome.com targets a range of non-Toy breeds. 

aussieteacuppuppies.net puppy scam website

So essentially they are trying to cover as much ground with their scams as they possibly can.

Where they come unstuck is not only with the standard red flags of poor English & grammar, too cheap prices, discounted/free shipping, no telephone number to call them on, etc. It is also the fact they have copied and pasted text between these sites (and undoubtedly others they control), so to the eagle-eyed viewer, the scam is obvious.

louisequalitypuppieshome.com puppy scam website

However, it is not so obvious if you are looking at only one of the sites and are inexperienced at spotting puppy scams. So please, watch the attached video and remember - if it sounds too good to be true - it most certainly is - especially where it concerns buying a puppy.

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