Litters on pups4sale on average now requiring less than four days to be sold

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If you have a litter of pups planned, on the way, available soon or ready now, this is the news you need to hear. Four days - yes - four days - is now the maximum time most advertisers require to sell their entire litter on pups4sale.

litters of puppies for sale are sold in less than four days on average on pups4sale

Since the virus-related social restrictions have been put in place across Australia, we have experienced a three-fold increase in visitors to our site, most of whom are looking to add a four-legged family member to their home. Feedback from our visitors has clearly shown one of the upsides of the virus' impact has been families re-evaluating their priorities and placing much more emphasis on quality family time - and what better way to enjoy family time than with a canine companion!

As a result, right across the spectrum of dog breeds, our advertisers have seen unprecedented demand for their puppies, enabling them to both receive a healthy return for all their hard work and to be extra selective in terms of the homes they sell their pups to. With the major pet transport services still operating across Australia, the ability to send puppies to new homes outside the local area remains an option for those breeders who choose to do so.

So if you are one of pups4sale's 23,000+ members and have a litter of pups planned, on the way, available soon or ready now, login to your pups4sale account and place your ad today!

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