Should You Hire a Dog Walker For Your Pooch?

Should You Hire a Dog Walker For Your Pooch

A regular walk is an utmost requirement for staying heal and hearty. Pets also need regular jogging for a healthy life. Jogging with your dog is no doubt, an amazing pursuit. But hectic routines often make it hard for dog owners to take their dog on a regular walk. Well! You couldn’t spoil the health of your dog. In such a situation, you surely need someone to assist you, but who? DOG WALKER!

Many dog owners hire dog walkers to take their dogs for a regular walk. When it comes to hiring a dog walker many people get confused. Is it OK to hire a dog walker for your pooch or not? If you are a pooch owner who is perplexed whether to hire a dog walker or not then this article is for you. In this article, I’m going to tell you about all the positive as well as negative aspects of hiring a dog walker. So, let’s start. 

What is a Dog Walker?

A dog walker is an animal professional who takes the dogs for a walk daily. In return, dog owners pay him/her. A dog walker picks-up a dog from the house of its owner and brings it back safely after a walk. 

Most dog walkers work individually, while some run it as a business. Some dog walkers take a single dog at a time, and others take numerous dogs for a walking trip at once. 

What are the Responsibilities of a Dog Walker?

Whenever a dog walker takes a dog for a walk, he has to take care of the dog. A dog walker is responsible for picking-up a dog from his house and dropping it off safely. A dog walker must be able to control a dog to prevent unpleasant incidents during walking. Animals can indulge in a fight very easily. In case a fight breaks out among the dogs, a dog walker must know what to do. If dogs are not controlled at the right, the fight can lead to severe injuries to dogs. 

Having animal first-aid training is a must for the dog walkers, so they could treat dogs in case of any injury. A dog walker also has to maintain adequate food and water supply for the dog. 

Benefits of Hiring a Dog Walker

Though hiring a dog walker is not easy, once you hire a dog walker you can stay care-free. Hiring a professional and reliable dog walker brings you many benefits. Let’s have a look at the following benefits of hiring dog walkers:

  1. Maintenance of Health

Having a regular walk is necessary for the maintenance of the health of your dog and keeping him away from obesity. Senior dogs need more care. They are more prone to obesity as they are less active. That’s why their owners have to take care of their weight more than younger dogs. 

According to American Kennel Club (AKC), about 90% of dogs don’t pay attention to their dogs’ weight. It makes their dogs obese, and obesity leads to several diseases, including cardiac arrest, respiratory disorders, osteoarthritis, and Type 2 Diabetes. 

As a busy routine makes it hard for dog owners to take their dogs out for a walk, dog walkers can be helpful in such situations. A dog walker ensures that your dog walks for more than 20 minutes. A regular walk can keep obesity away from your dog. Hiring a dog walker can play a significant role in maintaining the health of your dog. You can do all your work without worrying about the health of your dog. 

  1. Improving Dog’s Behavior

A dog walker can also improve the behavior of your dog by taking him on a regular walk. Regular walk not only helps in maintaining the health of your dog but also aids in improving his behavior. Energy utilization during a walk makes your dog tired. Being tired, he will be less noisy, and less hyper. He will stay away from destructive activities, like biting the newcomers and chewing the furniture of the house. A dog walker can also help in improving the behavior of a dog by keeping him happy while waking. An enjoyable walking trip makes your dog less aggressive and keeps him calm for the rest of the day. 

  1. Better Socializing

While on a walking trip with a dog walker, your dog can interact with other people and dogs. Interacting with new people and dogs can make him more socialized. Staying alone in the house for the whole day can make your dog aggressive and stressed. Staying alone can also lead to an afraid behavior in your dogs. Having a relaxing walk, away from the boundaries of your house, can help your dog stay calm and happy. Meetings with new dogs in a park or along a road can help in socializing your dog. 

  1. Better Stimulation

A regular walk can help to improve the stimulus reception of your dog. Your dog can better feel the environmental stimuli and can respond to them calmly. Your dog can see new things, hear unfamiliar sounds, and smell new things while walking. This makes him familiar with new things and he can respond to them without any fear. Staying locked up in a house can make your dog fearful of new things and it can lead to aggression and stress. Going out for a walk daily with a dog walker can make your dog familiar with new things and he can face them confidently. 

  1. Peace of Mind for the Dog Owner

Staying away from home due to office work and other outdoor activities makes it hard for dog owners to take care of their dogs. Because of hectic schedules, most of the dog owners couldn’t take their dog for a regular walk. But having a regular walk along with some exercise is an utmost requirement for keeping your dog healthy and fit. 

Hiring a reliable dog walker can share your burden of taking the dog for a walk daily. Having a regular walk keeps a dog in good physical as well as mental health. Hiring a dog walker can make you care-free and brings you peace of mind. You don’t need to worry about the health of your dog’s health when you are out of your house for hours. 

  1. Better Time Management

Taking your dog for a walk each day requires a lot of time. Sparing time for a lengthy walk from your busy schedule is not easy. You have to get out of your blanket earlier, skip lunch, or delay dinner for an hour or two. It makes your schedule more hectic and frustrated. Hiring a reliable and professional dog walker can help you manage your schedule. Your dog can have regular exercise with a professional dog walker. You can get up according to your desired timing; have an on-time lunch and a relaxing dinner. No worries about your dog anymore. You can do all your activities at the required time. You don’t have to be in a hassle and can have a relaxing schedule. 

Drawbacks of Hiring a Dog Walker

Like everything in this world, hiring a dog walker also has some drawbacks. Though hiring a dog walker brings a lot of benefits, you can’t turn a blind eye to the downsides of its drawbacks. Let’s have a look. 

  1. Finding a Trustworthy Dog Walker

Hiring a dog walker means opening the doors of your house for a stranger. Giving the keys to your house to a stranger and letting him/her in your house is not easy. It is the most considerable drawback of hiring a dog walker. To stay care-free you have to find a trustworthy dog walker, so you don’t have to worry about the precious items in your house. 

But the problem is that finding a trustworthy dog walker is quite difficult. You have to put some extra effort into finding a reliable and professional dog walking service. Asking your friends or a reliable dog owner for a trustworthy dog walker can be helpful. Spending some extra time and effort in finding a reliable dog walker will surely prove to be beneficial in the long run. 

  1. Spending Extra Budget 

When you are hiring a dog walker, you have to pay him for his dog walking services. The rates of dog walking service vary from area to area. Some areas have cheaper dog walking services, while in other areas this service is quite expensive. Dog walkers also have variable rates in the same area. You have to consider your budget carefully if you want to hire a dog walker. 

Dog walking service is usually not too expensive in any area, but you have to spend considerable budget money each month for it. Also, the cost of a dog walking service escalates, if your dog needs more than one walking trip per day. It can upset your budget and you have to cut short other expenses. Though, hiring a dog walker with high rates does not guarantee a better service, better and experienced dog walkers usually cost more than others. If you want to hire an experienced dog walker for your dog, you have to put aside more budgets for it. So, consider your budget before you go for hiring a dog walker. 

  1. Sharing Your Pooch

Hiring a professional dog walker brings peace of mind and helps you spend time in other activities. Having a dog walker that is not only professional but also a dog lover can take care of your dog very well. But sometimes dogs develop a stronger bond with their dog walkers than their owners. Though it’s a good thing to have a strong bond between your dog and dog walker, it is not always as pleasant as it seems. 

Sharing someone precious is always an unpleasant experience for anyone. The same is the case with dogs. Many dog owners consider it concerning that their dogs love dog walkers too much. If your dog is spending too much time with its dog walker, possibilities are there that it starts considering the dog walker as an owner. To avoid such a situation, spend some time with your dog and show him/her your concern. Take your dog for a walk by yourself sometimes whenever you are free. It will keep your bond with your dog strong. 

  1. Handling a High-Energy Dog

Dog walkers are great for taking your dog out for a walk once a day. If your dog is too energetic and loves to run freely, sending it with a dog walker is quite concerning. Though dog walkers are well trained to handle any unusual situation, it is hard to stay calm when you know your dog has the habit of escaping. Also, the active and playful dogs can’t be satisfied with a single walking tour out of the house. They want two or more walks per day to stay happy and relaxed. Sending your energetic dog twice or thrice for a walk daily can also make you worried about it. 

If your dog is a little aggressive and easily indulges in fights with other dogs, it can also make you anxious about your dog. Always staying concerned about your dog can distract your mind. In such a situation, it’s better to take your dog out by yourself. If you have no time, and you direly need assistance for maintaining your dog’s health, hire a trustworthy dog walker. Hire someone who is well-experienced and knows how to control dogs while walking. 


The decision of hiring a dog walker is a little complicated. It mainly depends on the dog walker you are hiring. Being a lover of a dog doesn’t make anyone a dog walker. Proper knowledge about dog breeds and their nature is an utmost requirement for a dog walker. Also, he/she must know how to control the dogs while walking. Having dog walker training and animal first-aid training certificates is a must for a person to be eligible for dog walking service. 

Check whether the dog walker hiring for your dog meets the above criteria or not. Ask your dog walker to update you about the daily walking trip. You can enjoy the benefits of hiring a dog walker only when you have hired the right and reliable person. Hiring a dog walker is the best way to keep your dog healthy. Keep in mind not to neglect your dog’s health because you have hired a dog walker. It is required to avoid the disadvantages of hiring a dog walker. So, hire a professional and trustworthy dog walker and stay tension-free. 

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