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Pharaoh Hound breed Information

Pharaoh Hound breed information:
Adult weight range: 
Average lifespan:
11-14 years
Adult height at shoulder: 
Males:59-63cm/23-25" Females:53-61cm/21-24"
Average weekly cost:
Pharaoh Hounds come in tan or red, and often have white markings. A small star of white on the chest is not uncommon and a white tip on the tail is preferred.
The breed require little grooming except for an occasional brushing.
The Pharaoh Hound is one of the oldest known breeds in the world, dating back to at least 3,000B.C. It is not known if they originated in Egypt, however a smaller descendant is still used there today for hunting. In modern times the island of Malta has been the stronghold of the breed type we know today.
Pharaoh Hounds are an excellent family dog and companion They are intelligent and a good dog to have around the house.
The breed is a hunting dog essentially. Given its breeding and heredity, it is not suited to sedentary lifestyles. If not used as a working dog, they need plenty of exercise.

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