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Swedish Lapphund breed Information

The "Swedish Lapphund" is the Swedish counterpart of the Finnish Lapphund, a reindeer-herding dog, today more often found as a great companion dog. **The Swedish Lapphund is a long-coated, medium dog; they are loyal and protective. The "Swedish Lapphund" is found today more often found as a great companion dog.

History: Swedish Lapphunds are a very old breed. In fact a (allegedly) 7,000 year old skeleton found in Norway closely resemble today's Lapphunds. Originally bred to guard and herd the Sami people's reindeer herds, they are mostly used today as a companion dog although in some, the herding instinct is very strong. The breed is not common outside its home country of Sweden. However if you do get a Lapp, they can be a very independent but loyal companion and lover of the family. Intelligence: As all spitz type dogs, Lapphunds like to please but also like to do things their own way! Gentle training is needed and once the penny has dropped training is easy. As with all puppies it is important to socialise at the right point in their lives to have a well balanced and loving friend. This breed can be very noisy, as when originally trained as reindeer herders they were taught to bark all the time whilst working. This way the reindeer knew that a silent dog like creature was an enemy. Not much fun around town though so this needs to be curtailed through gentle training.

Show Characteristics: The head should be wedge-shaped with no hint of snippiness and with a well-defined stop. The eyes should be set well apart, round and dark brown with well pigmented rims. The ears should be set well apart, short, erect and pointed. The jaws should be strong with a perfect scissor bite. The lips and palate should be strongly pigmented. The neck should be powerful and of medium length. The body should be slightly longer than the height at the withers with a straight and muscular back. The forelegs should be straight with close fitting elbows and sloping shoulders. The hind legs should be strong with a moderate turn of stifle and low set hocks. Dewclaws are highly undesirable. The feet should be strong and oval with black nails and pads. The tail should be high set and reach to the hock when extended, with bushy, long dense hair, and carried curled over the back when moving.

Country Of Origin: Sweden They have a very high level of energy and need more than two hours of exercise, they worry greatly when the family leaves, and may tear up the house if you do.

Personal Protection: Medium Suitability As Guard Dog: Medium

Risk of Sheep Worrying: High

Tendency to Bark: High

Ease of Transportation: Low

Level of Aggression: Low

Compatibility With Other Animals: High

Suitable For Children: High

General Character And Temperament: In general the Lapphund is a friendly, outgoing and devoted dog. They are protective of their homes; no intruder will ever go unheard. Lapphunds get along extremely well with children, make good family pets and like to be included in all family activities. However if they are left to there own devices they can be very vocal, and if their minds are not exercised (similar to border collie) then they can be destructive and are known to enjoy digging. Sympathetic training is a must. They are very tolerant of children, but as with all pets, children should NEVER be left alone, however trustworthy your friend may be. Please note that you should not intend to get one of these delightful dogs if there is not someone or another to be a constant companion. THESE DOGS DO NOT LIKE BEING KEPT AWAY FROM THE FAMILY and doing so risks the dog getting so desperate to be with you that it may get destructive. **

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