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Border Collie x Kelpie x Terrier - (Puppy Ad #44351)


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The price of each puppy is $150.00 + $65.00 vet fees. Please see bellow.

A beautiful litter from a Border Collie father and a Kelpie x Terrier mother.

These puppies ment to be family dogs with especially children in mind.

They are medium to small in size and and tirelesly will keep up with active children.

At the same time they can be great companion to watch TV on the couch and make really good indoor dogs and be clean inside.

The main colours follow the dominant terrier colour of different sables but there is a Kelpie's black and tan as well.

About half the litter has the Border Collie's Irish Spotting on face and around neck.

I'm not a breeder any more (I've retired after breeding Rhodesian Ridgebacks for 35 years) but a retired old man who loves dogs and puppies.

The 4 weeks I look after the puppies (after the mother feeding them for 4 weeks) are the highlight of my actionless, quiet life.

I've bred this mix before twice and the puppies made some 13 families very happy.

5 of the puppies will have beard and slightly shaggy coat like the mother who is not wire haired even though she looks like a wire haire terrier.

These puppies have soft fluffy coats at the moment and the lenght will be variously medium long and none shading.

I'll hand raise these puppies in the back yard where they can run around and play (they won't be raised in a kennel locked up) and they will be confident, outgoing puppies, very human friendly and ready for an exiting new life with you.

The price is $150.00 + $65.00 vet fees for microchipping and first needle for each puppy.

The puppies will be immunised and microchipped at the time they will be picked up by the new owners.

I like to do this because this way the new owners will be able to hear what the vet says about the puppies and they will be confident thay they will get a healthy beautiful pup. 

For more pictures and videos please visit my Lionseeker page on facebook at,
please type in Lionseeker to the facebook search line and then choose the Lionseeker page from the options which will come up.
(I'm not sure if the link has been uploded here or not.)

The puppies were born on 14/03/2019.
They will be available to be picked up from 09/05/2019.

They are only 6 weeks old at this stage.

Please contact me if you need any more information.
I love to talk about dogs.

I've succesfully sent puppies to Melbourne and Brisbane before.
There is a pet courier company on the Eastern Seaboard.

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