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9 month old cavoodle looking for a loving home - (Puppy Ad #53877)


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Hello dog lovers!

Deni, my 9 month year old cavoodle is looking for a forever home. Unfortunately, due to ever increasing commitments and locoregional travel, I am spending less and less time with him. He is such a loving dog and deserves much more attention than I am able to give currently.

He is a very loving, affectionate, trusting dog and loves people and other dogs of all sizes. He is very brave and loves to play and will go bounding towards people/dogs when he's off the leash. He absolutely loves a cuddle and attention. He is well socialised with other dogs, as he has been around other dogs from a young age. He is able to sleep alone, doesn't have separation anxiety, can spend hours by himself. He is a quiet dog who only barks when he hears the doorbell or other loud noises. He is easy to groom and isn't afraid of bathing or a dryer. He has not been around children and gets a bit anxious when he sees them. He also has not met any cats. He's scared of bicycles and manhole covers. He can sit, high five, and follow simple instruction of where to go when I point. He prefers to toilet outside, but uses his puppy toilet when indoors. He is happy to sleep indoors or outdoors, especially in his kennel. He is not a fussy eater, and will generally eat anything he. is given. He is very smart, and qucikly figures out any puzzles I give him. 

He was acquired from a responsible breeder with the full parental genetic analysis. He is microchipped, has had all his vaccinations, and is up to date with his monthly anti-flea & worm treatments. He has been desexed. He gets professionally groomed once a month, and I give him a bath myself every 1.5-2 weeks depending on how dirty he gets.

I bought him $4500. I am selling him for $5500. I am selling him with all his 'stuff' so he is has some familiar things in his new home. These include the following: toys, collars, leads, dog beds, playpen, kennel, feeders, dog bowls, grooming tools and storage. I am happy to provide an exhaustive list of all these items if need be. If you prefer, just him, the price remains $4500. 

He lives in Melbourne currently. I would prefer a Victoria based family, so he can be picked up and welcomed to his new home. 

Feel free to contact me with further questions. Looking forward to finding him his forever family.

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