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Dachshund x Jack Russell Terrier ALL NOW ADOPTED - (Puppy Ad #40463)


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12 Jul-14:10
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Boodua Queensland
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900032002960291, 900032002960668, 900032002960342, 900032002960355, 900032002960675, 900032002960662, 900032002960663.
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BIN # 0000630579452



JACKSHUNDS Simply Adorable 

Bellamour's second adorable litter of first generation 'Jackshunds'.

JAKE, TERRY, GINA and AMY are now adopted.

Bellamour is a member of the Queensland Dog Breeder Registeras per the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 (the Act) #& amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; lt; span class="_58cm">BIN00006 305 79452

Penny - Mother purebred Jack Russell Terrier, and bred on a farm on the Darling Downs. No health issues.
Dackle - Father purebred Dachshund, quality bred through a registered Breeder with no health issues.
The litter therefore is expected to mature into outstanding individuals both within their temperaments and physicality.
PLEASE NOTE: We live in a very small country town near MUDGEE. As we are a long way from anywhere, I am delivering some pups to Brisbane, Beechworth and Katoomba as I have family in these areas.

Both parents are family members who are healthy, loved and live with the family inside.

We only have 1 litter per year and Penny is supplied a specialized diet before conception, during pregnancy and after birthing. Penny has full access to excellent vet care if ever required.

All puppies have been micro chipped, wormed on a fortnightly basis, vaccinated, have undergone a full vet check, and have their own individual healthcare record. They have been raised solely inside where the mother is happiest and are only now having adventures outside with mum regularly on warm days. They are on a diet consisting of quality puppy dry food, human grade liver, chicken necks, clean water available at all times. 

If you are looking for a puppy that grows into the following, then these puppies may be right for you.
- Small breed, robust, and healthy.
- Devoted, affectionate, social House dog.
- Energetic, athletic, focused, entertaining and loyal.
- Extremely alert, keen watchdog abilities, sociable with strangers.
- With correct training the Jackshunds should be bright, trainable, love to learn tricks and agility.

Perfect companion animal IF the puppy has the right temperament for this demanding role.

Be aware of the following characteristics, as these puppies MAY NOT be right for you:
- Cannot be left alone for long periods of time.
- Both the JRT and the Dachshunds are bred as chasing and hunting dogs.
- Separation anxiety may develop if lonely.
- Loneliness will lead to destructive behaviours and excessive barking.
- These dogs are housedogs and will insist on being a respected family member.

With the right amount of exercise, mental stimulation, social training (both with other people and animals), love and devotion from their family members, you will have a most extraordinary little dog.

Bellamour has years of experience working with HAI (Human and Animal Interaction therapy).

All puppies will come with a puppy pack consisting of written information, vet history, wormed regularly, vaccinated, and micro chipped, and their favourite toy.
All puppies are well socialised with adults, children of different ages, other puppies and Crystal (our Border Collie), cats, and the family home environment.

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