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Miniature dachshund puppies - (Puppy Ad #43467)


$2,500 Firm
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10 Mar-10:51
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Armidale New South Wales
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Selling for my daughter four lovely pups, now 12 weeks old and ready for their new families. One black and tan male - $2,500, one silver dapple female $2,800 and two silver dapple males $2,800.
We are fussy breeders and only own animals that are true to the original German dachshund type. These pups are purebred miniatures but without papers and will be around 5 to 6kgs full grown. All our dogs are members of the family!

Please do not apply for ownership if you have not already decided that you definitely wish to buy and your partner and other family members are in full agreement.

Puppies will have been vet checked, microchipped and have received the first two sets of 1st year vaccinations. Puppies can be flown to major centres at new owner’s expense. Please note however we do not ship overseas.

Dachshunds are delightful companions, having been bred to hunt, so very active outdoors but also very happy to be your constant companion indoors. They are extremely loyal and a fantastic little watch dog but are very people dependent so best to live with people who have a family member mostly at home, or who have another companion canine friend for company while the family is out. Without this they will pine and suffer considerable "separation anxiety". Unless you are able to fit this prerequisite, please do not apply for ownership!
Being short haired they propose minimal coat shedding issues.
Dachshunds are very intelligent and strong-willed but "trainable” with patience and consistence. This is only limited by the owner's habit of spoiling! In short, one of the best small dogs to own. Fun, loyal, active outside and happy to be settled and quiet inside.

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