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Smooth coat miniature dachshund puppies - (Puppy Ad #46440)


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29 Aug-2:37
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Northmead New South Wales
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Wormed • Microchipped • Vet checked • 1st & 2nd vaccs. I will to meet interstate travellers 5 hours from my home in any direction + $200
10 week old mini dachshund puppy for sale
Miniature Dachshunds
$300 deposit required to hold a puppy. 
Ready to go now!
Location: NORTHMEAD 2152
Male, shaded red ID no. 900079000713245
Wormed 12/08 and 26/08
Microchipped 12/08
Vet checked 12/08
1st vaccinations 12/08
2nd vaccination 12/09
Pure breed (not papered) 
Mum- 5kg, shaded red. 
Dad- 7kg black and tan silver dapple
Dachshund pros
They dont drool 
Very rarely pant 
Tolerate hot weather better than lots of breeds 
short fur 
only grooming they need is ears and nails 
lap dogs but also love to play 
easy to find a dog sitter because they are so cute 
Only selling to those that see dogs as part of the family. 
Must have access to indoors and outdoors at all times. 
You must be willing to get pet insurance. 
25% (1 in 4) Dachshunds will develop IVDD (please read up on it prior to making an enquiry) and the surgery to fix it is expensive. Pet insurance takes a HUGE burden off you financially in the long run. 
Not suitable for rough play, difficult terrain, jumping etc. 
You must be willing to install pet ramps/stairs within 6 months of purchase. 
I will provide you with information and give you business cards from people that make them. 
Puppies come with puppy packs to help you and the puppy get through the first few days :)
*****I am willing to meet interstate travellers 5 hours from my home in any direction for an extra $200*****

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