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Miniature dachshund smooth-haired puppies - (Puppy Ad #55699)


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Armidale New South Wales
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Genesis Miniature Dachshunds has two only remaining of seven puppies  now available from 2 litters born on 1st and 3rd April '21.

The puppies' parents have been fully genetically screened and are clear of all genetically identifiable diseases, with the exception of the mother of the second litter who is a carrier of PRA. This means that at worst her two puppies (black and tan) may carry the disease, but will NOT suffer from it.(Both these puppies now sold).

We are very particular breeders and only own dogs that are true to the original German dachshund type. We have now owned and bred mini dachshunds for nearly 45 years. These puppies are purebred miniature but without papers and will be around 5.5 to 7 kgs full grown.
Puppies offered are:
Black and tan male - $2600 SOLD
Black and tan female - $2600 SOLD
Chocolate male - $3000 SOLD
Chocolate female - $3000 SOLD
Muted chocolate dapple female - $3000 SOLD
Muted black and tan dapple female - $3000
Muted black and tan dapple male - $3000

Please do not apply for ownership if you have not already decided that you definitely wish to buy and your partner and other family members are in full agreement. Dachshunds are very people dependent so best to live with people who have a family member mostly at home, or who have another companion canine friend for company while the family is out. Without this they will pine and suffer considerable "separation anxiety". We do not sell to homes where the family are away for long hours most days. Unless you are able to fit this prerequisite, again please do not apply for ownership!

I now provide a contract of sale providing both new owner and seller conditions. A five hundred dollar deposit will be required and is non-refundable with the exception of the conditions noted in the contract. A draft copy will be provided for your consideration. I also provide extensive puppy notes and require you to indicate that you have read and understood these. Good fencing is a must.

Puppies have been vet checked, microchipped and vaccinated.
Puppies can be flown to major centres at new owner’s expense, dependant on current Covid restriction and not before 12 weeks of age following Qantas requirements. Please note however we do not ship overseas with the possible exception of New Zealand.

Dachshunds are delightful companions. Having been bred to hunt they are very active outdoors but also very happy to be your constant companion indoors. They are extremely loyal and a fantastic little watch dog. The smooth coated dachsies propose minimal coat shedding issues.
Dachshunds are very intelligent and strong-willed but "trainable” with patience and consistence. This is only limited by the owner's habit of spoiling! In short, one of the best small dogs to own. Fun, loyal, active outside but happy to be quiet and relaxed inside.

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