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Goldador (lab x golden) puppies; Ethical; ADBreeding program - (Puppy Ad #61877)


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PETERSVILLE South Australia
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Goldador: Labrador x Golden Retriever Puppies for sale

The perfect breed for a furry companion, assistant or therapy dog.

All puppies are raised under an Assistance Dog Breeding Program regardless of their role in life
** Newborn puppies due to go to their forever homes from the 25th of July 2022 **
** Puppies can travel interstate with our trusted partners **

ü  Highly Trainable                            

ü  Stable

ü  Loyal

ü  Loving

ü  Caring

ü  Gentle

ü  Intelligent Dogs

ü  Large Dogs / medium coat length

Who are we?

The M&M Companion Retriever is a perfect family dog: loveable, highly trainable, loyal, stoic, loving, caring, playful, intelligent, athletic, and always by your side. The M&M Companion Retriever is a large dog, with a medium coat.

Dam (Mum) Aspen a near-white golden retriever, is a soft-natured, gentle, caring, attentive, affectionate dog. She loves cuddling, walking, exploring, and playing with her friends. Aspen’s beauty is breathtaking, her white golden features stand out with her pretty smile.

Stud (Dad) Max a black Labrador, soft and gentle, he is a big sook who loves to cuddle, play, chase his ball, train, and engage with people and other dogs. Max is a solid, lean, athletic stud with a heart of gold.

Our Health

The puppies are bred from health and temperament-tested parents. Both parents are cleared by a reproductive vet specialist, full DNA profile to ensure no genetic or hereditary conditions passed to puppies, Vet-Scoring for risk of hip and elbow dysplasia, heart check, and full veterinarian health clearance. Health results can be provided to future puppy owners.

All puppies will come with a vet clearance, microchip, 6-week vaccination, worming, freshly groomed, puppy pack and instructions, and 8-week training program.

 Breeding Program

Each puppy is given the best start to life, which begins from pregnancy with Mum. At 4 days old, the puppies commence their exposure and training with Early Neurological Stimulation, Early Scent Introduction, and body handling exercises.

The puppies then enter a tailored breeding program that is comprised of the International Working Dog Registry Behavioural and Early Socialisation program combined with the Badass Breeder Curriculum. The program is designed to produce stable, well-rounded puppies that have been exposed to a lot of life’s varying sights and sounds. No more having a fearful dog who you can’t vacuum around, have near loud noises, or take places. We ask the puppy owners to continue the socialization and exposure training well into the puppy's life.

Our difference

New Puppy Owners are welcomed into the family from the day they decide to bring home a puppy, we prefer this to be as early as possible in the puppy's life. From day 1, puppy owners are a part of our private Facebook group where you receive daily updates of the puppies and dogs, can ask questions, get support, share stories, and communicate with other M&M Companion Retriever Puppy owners. For the puppy's firs

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