Trained Golden Retriever puppy and set up - (Puppy Ad #62698)


$3,150 Firm
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4 Aug-2:33
Puppy ad:
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Maryborough Victoria
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Pure Breed
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Unfortunately we have to part with our newly bought pup, MAX, as there is a person in the household who is having allergies to him. He is a 13 week old, purebred golden retriever, and has been vigorously trained with the idea to potentially turn him into a service dog in the future.

He has recently had his second round of vaccinations (paperwork provided), worming and is microchipped (transfer of ownership paperwork provided.)
He is very well behaved and responsive to training, very intelligent and super loving. Has been safely socialised with people in a broad context of environments, and the breeder we purchased him off had socialised him with cats, other dogs and kids. We have since further socialised him with cats, friends and family.
We’ve made a special effort to socialise his vet visits as a positive experience and as a result he has had his vet visits without any issues of fear association and had no issue with being administered his worming or vaccination medication.

He has been socialised positively with grooming, and now enjoys his brush (Not that it does anything with his cute puppy coat!) And, he has been socialised positively with bathing too.

He has been trained out of resource guarding his food and chews. (The tendency that puppies have to growl or scoff down their food uncontrollably).

He is trained to “Go Pee/Go Pee Pee” outside. (Potty trained)

He is crate trained, and, has no separation anxiety.

All of his training has been through positive reinforcement ONLY as we do not agree with negative reinforcement training. He has also been positively exposed to unexpected loud noises, vacuum cleaning, and garden hoses.

He has had lead training and is responding incredibly well to it (ie; minimal lead biting, watching owner while walking, coming when called or redirected, and has had lead training in many different environments)

He knows the following commands in controlled environments;
“Watching” (Pay attention)
Pose for photo - rests up on one knee (As shown in photo)
“Roll over”
“Ring the Bell” (Also used as a method for him to tell the owners that he needs to go outside to do his business)
“Leave it/Leave it alone” (Extra handy when you introduce him to a new environment!)
“Come Here”
“No biting”
“Up the stairs”
“Down the stairs”
And, his name, “Max!”

He loves playing soccer, running and playing fetch!

By the time that you come to visit him I’m sure he’ll know more commands as he is VERY responsive to training and also starting puppy school!!

I’ll be posting videos of him performing tricks to this facebook page so you can see him in action! Max-the-Golden-Retriever-111244355013607

He also comes with the following items (Equalling approximately $1000 in value);
-Large Dog crate (will be suitably sized for him as a full grown dog)
-2 x large plush dog beds
-2 x pet pens
-Toys - puppy suitable and adult toys, puzzle game and door bells
-Shampoo, toothbrush, 2x hair brushes, nail clippers and hairdryer
-Lick mat, food and water bowls
-Fabric collar and leather collar
-Short lead, long lead and retractable lead
-Deworming/flea treatment
-Petz Park natural dog multivitamin
-Large bag of Black Hawk natural puppy kibble and scoop

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Member Since: Aug 4-2:19
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