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Japanese Spitz cross poodle - (Puppy Ad #42355)


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20 Dec-7:37
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Beacon Hill New South Wales
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8 Week Old Japanese Spitz Cross Poodle Male and Females for Sale. Gentle fluffy balls of love. Daddy is a Japanese Spitz ( 30cm shoulder height) and Mum is a Japanese Spitz Cross Poodle ( Japoodle - Miniature ). Daddy and Mummy are both gentle, loving, intelligent and very social. Perfect indoor family dogs. Daddy is a little more playful and loves attention.

The Japanese Spitz will shed once a year. The coat is very manageable if you brush a couple of times a week to remove dead hair, as all dogs do. They only require a bath only as neccessary as the coat is self cleaning and dry's very quickly. The Spitz doesn't have much natural doggie odour. The puppies have a a mix of poodle hair. Poodle hair is close to being non-shedding, hypoallergenic dog.
All Puppies have had their first vaccine and are microchipped. The have also been wormed every two weeks.
2 x Male Puppies - SOLD
1 x Female - SOLD
1 x Male and 2 x Female Available.

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