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The Newfoundland is a very large water dog with the most gentle nature.
He was the first dog to come to Australia, as all the old ships that travelled the world kept
a newfoundland on board, incase someone went over. the newfoundland would keep them afloat,
until the crew was able to lower the life boat. Today they are dropped from helicopters with sea rescue work.
In the country of newfoundland this is a working dog, he pulls loads of logs, carts, sleighs etc through deep snow.
It is believed that one dog can pull 1500 kilos, two can pull a car out of the bog.
     ; We are registered breeders, now registered with the master dog breeders and associates, our registration number is 14848
Every pup we sell is vaccinated, vet checked, micro chipped and registered on the limited registration.
We are situated in the mid west of wa, on the coast, where the desert meets the ocean.
Our dogs have a wonderful lifestyle here, as they can roam the wide open plains as well as the rivers and beaches.
     ; We like our dogs to go to families on large properties, as exercise is important for all large breeds.
The newfoundland has a strong sense of danger, he is most protective of small children. During the summer months he
is continually on the lookout for snakes.
On farms he has been known to continually push down toddlers, so they cannot get near the dam. --- with the childs cry alerting the parents.
We have been breeding newfoundlands for close to 40 years and have recently imported a new sire from Russia.
    It is good to understand that over the years we have bred some fantastic dogs and some not as good. we believe like all living things, some dogs have
excellent points and some not so good, as breeders we try to continually improve our bloodlines.
Our dogs are very fit and agile, living about fifteen years. Not only are they big and beautiful, but also a very smart dog, quick to learn.
we believe they cope well in the warmer weather, we encourage a summer haircut, lots of shade and a wading pool.
There is more information and photos available on our website.
If you would like to learn more about this fantastic dog, feel welcome to email or phone us on 0455896963

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