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Poodle x Jack Russell puppies - (Puppy Ad #37873)


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19 Nov-2:04
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URALLA New South Wales
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We have been lucky to been graced with the sweetest bunch of puppies,  out of our family dogs 'Ms Puppy' (Jack Russell) and 'Sir Cobber' our (Poodle)  
Male (3 Sold) 1 remaining the BRINDLE, smooth coat.
3 Female (1 Deposit taken)
Videos uploaded 8.12.2017 and current at time of advert.
Pups are eating solids and gaining weight weekly.
Wormed every two weeks with Drontal.
Pups now all have their accinations, microchips done. Vaccinations cards and microchip paperwork in hand ready to transfer to new owners when sold.
Father =  Minature Poodle.
Mother = Jack Russell x Japanese Spitz.
Born 23 October 2017
Ready 23 December 2017
Flights can be arranged to Sydney from Armidale (additional costs applied to purchaser)
Pups are pictured here at 6 weeks 5 days of age.
All are showing signs of soft and fluffy coats, due to the Spitz and Poodle influences. 
Parents are both loving individuals with high intelligence. Both parents are family lap dogs.
This is their first and only litter. We love our two dogs and just wanted them to have the honour of a litter together.
'Cobber' their daddy, is very loving and recognises they are his children. He plays with them and it's a beautiful thing to see. He lets them climb all over him, bite him, drag him and he plays chase and grab with them. They love him so much and visa versa. Mum has a new found respect for her husband (we reckon) as she loves him distracting them from chasing her down for a desperate futile drink of milk, as they only need one a day from their mum now as they are eating independently. We have been feeding them various textures of food, all are fresh ( chicken breast, necks, beef mince, root mince, salmon, rice, chopped up cooked steak and raw veggies- like sweet potato, only thing processed is some minimal kibble (Optimum) and tin puppy food if we run out of fresh before getting back to shops for  more fresh.
The idea we have is that when the pups leave for homes to their new families they will be able to eat family meal (leftovers) as well as dog food products and not be fussy eaters.
Pups have dealt with all of life's noises, like trucks passing the home, to mowers, TV, compact drills, our pole saw and vacuuming. None are showing any concering behaviours at all. We kiss them constantly and they are so chilled and relaxed little mites. Recently we've noticed that the pups have a trait from their father, of sleeping in their backs with their legs on their bellies (very cute indeed). They'll even watch you while upside down as you talk to them...so, so casual and happy with themselves :-)
These pups will not be sold to people without a loving heart. They need a devoted family who will idolise but provide them with proper love and due care.

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Thunderbolt Pups
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