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Cavoodle Puppies With Charisma - (Puppy Ad #47384)


$3,000 Firm
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4 Nov-19:20
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Turners Flat New South Wales
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Cross Breed
Males and Females
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All Puppies will be Microchipped at 7 weeks
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BIN# 0006144662888


Cavoo dle Puppies - 5 Girls and 2 Boys born on 27 September 2019. They will be 8 weeks on the 22nd November and ready for their new caring forever home. At 7 weeks they will be vet checked, microchipped, have their first vaccination and are wormed every 2 weeks. A complimentary starter puppy pack will accompany your puppy which includes their favourite cuddly toy to comfort them with their mother's scent.
Angel is their amazing, soft, caring, sweet natured Cavoodle mother with the Cavalier shaped face, big brown round eyes, black button nose and Cavalier long ears. Her colouring is beige/cream straight to curly fur.
Their father, Copper, is a purebred stud Miniature Poodle with lots of honey/gold curls, black button nose and round shaped brown eyes. His calm nature is very sweet and gentle.
Both parents have been DNA & PRA tested and are totally clear of any defects and are NOT carriers of any diseases. (Paperwork is available for viewing). They both are genetically healthy, non to low shedding and produced perfect, healthy, cute, second generation puppies. Both parents weigh approximately 5kg.
The puppies live inside, in their whelming boxes and play area. During the day they like to play outside in their enclosure on the grass. House training is in progress with pee pads and visits outside. Their main diet is breast feeding off their mother and solids/water/puppy or lactose free milk, currently 3 times per day, which will gradually increase to 4 times per day, while weaning off the mother. They are happy, bubbly, cuddly, beautiful natured puppies that calmly interact playfully with their mother, amongst themselves and enjoy a playful, cuddly social life with adults and children of all ages.
Descr iption of the Puppies Ribbon Colour, Coat Colouring, and Personalities, they all have dark coloured teddy bear ears :</sp an>
Boy 1 Blue Ribbon, Dark Red curly coat, big boy of litter, sweet calm soft nature and exceptionally fluffy and cuddly
Boy 2 Black Ribbon, Gold with white paws and chest, very cute calm nature and cuddly
Girl 1 Pink Ribbon, Replica colour / nature as her mother, loves to sleep and play upside down, tummy rubs
Girl 2 Purple Ribbon, same colouring as her mother, loves to play, bouncy, great family pup, enjoys cuddles
Girl 3 Red Ribbon, she is super funny, character plus, playful, great family pup, cuddly when sleepy
Girl 4 Green Ribbon, very curly, mixed colours - beige/gold, white chest, sweet calm nature, wants lots of cuddles
Girl 5 Orange Ribbon, nick name Tiny, soft smooth gold coat, small framed like a poodle, playful nature, cuddly
If you wish to view the puppies in their home environment by appointment, you are very welcome, location is NSW. If shipping is needed, we can discuss that at time of deposit, being $500.00 per pup.
The puppies will change more over the next few weeks, if a deposit is paid for the puppy, updated photo's will be emailed.
Please feel free to contact Crystal via my email address: crystal.crossroad s@gmail.com
Thank You for taking the time to read this advertisement and we look forward to helping you pick the right puppy for you and your family. Cry

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