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Schmoodle Cavoodle X 3 males, READY TO GO - (Puppy Ad #52825)


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Three beautiful male puppies, they were ready to go before Christmas but they are not Christmas presents unless you are a serious pet purchaser.  They are now 10-11 weeks old.  Each is micro-chipped, vaccinated and desexed.  The dogs will looke different as they need their first clip in the next few days.  Each puppy has been handled, cuddled, squeezed and each like being with their current owner.  All dogs including Mum and Dad (Mollie & Otis) are inside dogs, but love going out.  They are socialised to each other but due to covid all dogs have been away from other animals.  More info on request.  This is Mollie's second only litter.  Each a different colour, each with different personalities, but not barkers, affectionate, playful, have weaned entirely off Mollie, tolerate cows milk and cheese along with cooked chicken, canned dog food (not their preference) but will also eat raw chicken necks.  The mainly white puppy is currently called Snowee, the two toned brown Rokki and the Apricot was Ockie but he looks so much like a teddy bear that he is currently called Teddi.  Give me a call to find out further info.  Owners need to be prepared to provide details, as I am a responsible owner and want to know the dogs will go to good homes.  No deposit necessary as there are scammers out there, this is not one.  Money changes hands on day of pick up.  


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