pups4sale testimonial: "I must admit we were hesitant to place an ad because we thought it was too cheap to advertise. Then we thought we may as well as it was only a small amount of money compared to placing our newspaper ads (and it was so easy to put the ad online!) So we gave it a go and we are so glad we did!!
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2M BLACK/SILVER  $4,500 - These little boys are simply gorgeous, they love people & are very happy little tail waggers, they are raised in my home alongside their parents & big brother, they get plenty of cuddles from the children & heaps of playtime with their big brother.

They are now starting to show signs of silver regrowth, I will add a photo of one of my black & silver girls from the first litter who would be aged around 7 months when the photo was taken, her owner told me she had just had her "first big girl haircut," & the owner just loves her fur babies, so much so, she did another 4 hour drive & bought her sister.

Below is a little bit of information for you on silver poodles. 


"Silver poodles are born black and "clear" by the age of 2. You will know a true silver poodle by 6 weeks of age when the face and paws "clear" from black to silver and the rest of the coat will follow in suit over the next year or two.  Silver poodles also have black points which are (nose, lips, eyelids and pads). The colouring is not very common but is quite beautiful."

Poodles are perfect for people with allergies or who just don't like dog hair everywhere. 

Currently the pups are 6 weeks old on the 30th Nov, they were born on the 12th October should be ready to go on the 7th December onwards.

2F -$5,000, WHITE/WHITE & APRICOT Again these 2 little girls are very pretty, one is mostly white with some minor apricot highlights which could possibly fade with time as described above.

The white/apricot girl carries a lot more apricot, her ears don't show any sign of lightening, she also just loves to be held & again as with all of my puppies they are very happy little tail waggers, they are taking to toilet training very well using puppy training mats.


Dad: is a pure bred black/silver Toy Poodle, he was born black & his colouring changed to silver on his face & feet, then mixed black & silver to his tail & body. 

Mom: is a pure bred white Toy Poodle, this is her 2nd litter & probably her last, mom is very petite & very gentle, extremely loyal & obedient as well as a great little watch dog.

Both parents & big brother are DNA tested by Orivet & clear for:
Degenerative Myelopathy, Gangliosidosis GM2 (Poodle Type), Mucopolysaccharidosis VI (Poodle Type), Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration (prcd) - PRA, von Willebrand's Disease Type I.

The puppies have been wormed every 2 weeks, they will be fully vet checked, microchipped & vaccinated next week.

It is very important to me that all my dogs go to good loving homes.  As they are people dogs & extremely intelligent, they are not the type of dog to be left home alone all day, every day, they are perfect companions for a person on their own or just as great as a family pet.

Their parents are family pets, the puppies are given heaps of love, they absoutly adore children, their big brother who is 9 months takes extra special care of them, playing, cleaning & sleeping with them.

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