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Pug x Beagle. Puggle Puppies - (Puppy Ad #41718)


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1 Nov-19:04
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Little Bay New South Wales
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Puggles Australia has beautiful Puggle Puppies available.

Males and Females.

The puppies are $1999That is only $35.70 per day for the 8 weeks puppies are with us before they go to their forever loving homes.

These Stunning Puppies with Fantastic Temperaments all go home Flea Treated, Vaccinated, Wormed, Vet Checked, Microchipped, Health and we also send all the puppies home with puppy packs.

The Puggle is a designer cross bread of a pug x beagle. Puggles are a designer breed with all round appeal.
Puggles have a distinctive face, a calm disposition and a sturdy build, yet is still small enough to live in an apartment. Puggle breeders have deliberately bred the Puggle to have a longer muzzle than the Pug to reduce the breathing issues that plague the purebred Pug. As a result of this deliberate cross, Puggles are incredibly robust and healthy while still maintaining loads of character just like the purebred Pug.
Although there is no official breed standard for the Puggle, Puggles can have some of the features of the Pug or the Beagle such as loose skin and wrinkles and these are usually accompanied by the longer Beagle snout.
The Puggle tail is often curled but not so tightly as a purebred Pug. Its coat has a smooth and soft feel with a strong build and the colourings can be a solid colour like a pug or two tone or tri colours like the Beagles.
If you are local we allow you to visit your pup throughout the 8 weeks but only after pups are 2 weeks so you get to watch your pup grow and develop in the first 8 weeks of its life but also the puppy will get to know you and recognise you and your scent so when you take it home it helps it transition a lot easier into its new home.
If you are not local we constantly are in communication with you and provide plenty of photos and videos of your pup.
To secure the pup it is a none refundable deposit of $500.
The balance is to be paid in full at 6 weeks when the pup is microchipped directly into your details making it legally yours.
Puppies then go home with you at 8 weeks of age.
If you are not local, rest assured we have all had many puppies fly all over Australia.
There are various companies to choose from. Ozpets, animal travel, jet pets, dog tainers, pet carriers, aero pets, toll to just name a few.

Be sure to visit our Facebook page Puggles Australia.

You can contact us on 0419256413
Or email us on puggles.australia@bigpond .com


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