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samoyed puppies ready for good homes - (Puppy Ad #47425)


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8 Nov-2:31
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7 gorgeous samoyed x jap spitz pups looking for new homes.
4 boys, 3 girls.

These pups are 75% samoyed and 25% japanese spitz making them even more cuter, intelligent, and their coats softer and easier to groom.

Mother and father has excellent temperment, loves all humans and animals but is smart enough give warning barks to strangers that approach our home but greets them when we acknowledge the approacher as friends. She also took little effort to potty train and indicates to us when she needs to go to the loo, when we let her out she goes and does her business at the furthest part of the garden from the house.

We are not in the business of breeding. This is our first litter and will be our last as we care too much for the health of our own dog. Please be wary of pups from places that are pumping out litters every year or half yearly and selling them off.

We are looking for good homes that can really cater to the needs of these pups. We have fallen in love with these pups and want to ensure that they end up in homes that are suitable for them, so we do have some basic requirements for any buyers.

1. family with a home that has enough space for a medium / large dog, or where the adults in the family can committ to daily walks for the dogs. Keeping these dogs as outside dogs in a small confined areas is not suitable (eg. balcony or courtyard of apartment units).

2. family that can spend enough time with the dog. for example, these dogs won't be suitable for a couple that works 5 days a week full time with no children. These dogs love their humans and just want to be near their family members even if their owner is doing their own thing. This does not mean spending everyday all day with them, however frequent interaction with their humans are necessary for most dogs.

3. owner(s) that have experience raising a dog before, or is willing to learn at least the basics of how to train & raise a healthy well balanced dog. A happy well balanced trained dog can be the most amazing friends, family and companion and temperment of a dog heavily depends on their upbrining and the owner. If the owner does not know what he or she is doing, it will lead to dogs with behavioural problems which will only result in a stressful relationship.

The pups were born on 4/11/2019 and will be ready for their new homes vaccinated and microchipped from the first week of the new year 2020. Pups are available for viewing with booking and we will be taking deposits in advance.

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