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SHEPSKY a well sought after but rare and hard to find breed. Cross between a pure White Swiss Shepherd and a pure White Siberian Husky (selective first generation breeding)is a successful breed of dogs with great intelligence, cool temperament, good nature, loyal, easy to train (inherited from the white Swiss Shepherd) combined with the genetics of the strong active robust healthy body of the Siberian Husky) and because of their good nature and traits these generation of Shepskies became good loyal member to loving families. They are white and Champagne colour medium thickness fur and a number has milky blue eyes.  These generation of Shepky pups are now available and some will be ready to go when they are 10 weeks old and be part of forever loving family homes. They will initially undergo training (almost half of the job is done for you) on basic obedience and temperament to qualify as a candidate for further training to be a therapy dog, companion dog, and a service dog if you wish, or just to be a good loyal friend and a loving good natured family member. Currently there are only 3 Shepsky pups left 2 male and 1 female and will be ready to go by the 19th of January 2019. Time to start your new New year with a wonderful dog.
Please only interested and genuine inquiries are welcome as I am also very selective as to where my puppies go.
Act now as these rare and hard to find breed will go quick. They will come to you, MicroChipped, Vaccinated, Vet Checked, Wormed and Basic trained.
You could also view my Shepskies on their face book page https://www.facebook.com/ Shepsky-Dogs-610964269041934/

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