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The websites owned by Puppy Dog Pty Ltd are websites dedicated to puppy buyers and sellers from within  certain select countries only.

Additionally, if you are using an anonymous or proxy server, our websites will be unavailable to you. Such servers are used by internet scammers, so blocking them is an important part of our security for our clients. If you are located in one of the countries below, and are using such a server to surf the web, you will be able to access our sites by using a known server instead.

If you are located in any of the following countries:

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HOWEVER, if you are in one of our service locations AND you are:
1: Using an anonymous/proxy server to surf the internet, OR
2: Your server (usually a work server) is located outside our service area (such as those belonging to multinational companies)
then we will not be able to assist you. In order to access our sites, you will need to:
1: Use a known server to surf the internet - NOT an anonymous/proxy server, OR
2: Wait until you are at home, given you are using a domestic ISP for your internet connection. Then you will be able to access our sites successfully.

If you are located outside the above countries, we trust you will understand that due to the large presence of scammers on the internet, we feel it is import to limit access to our site.