pups4sale testimonial: Hi, I just wanted to say what a fantastic site you have. It is so comprehensive with all the breeds and breeders. Not only is it great for somone selling puppies but also for someone wanting to buy a puppy...
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Click on the social media links below to be taken directly to our pages on Facebook and Twitter. "Like" us / subscribe to feeds to your mobile device/s and never miss a new ad or update from Australia's most popular canine website! As you can particularly see from the Facebook Feed (or if you go to our FB Page directly), we have a huge number of visitors who frequent that Page and receive a Feed of every ad placed on our site, direct to their Mobile News Feed. That means each time you place an ad for a litter of pups on our site, within 10 minutes it is being advertised throughout Australia not only on our site, but also to Facebook's huge audience as well. 

Additionally, if you share the Post of your ad on your own Timeline, it will automatically appear n the News Feed of all your FB Friends, widening the audience even further of potential new owners of your pups. Pups4sale is the ONLY puppy classified website in Australia to offer such a great social media service, so why not take advantage of it, as have many thousands of other Australians!

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