Code of Ethics + Terms & Conditions of Use

Updated: May 2020

Please click here for our position on the unethical Victorian microchip-in-advertising legislation. This legislation requires microchip numbers to be displayed in canine advertisements from that State - even of pups too young to be safely microchipped. Pups4sale explains why we will not enforce adherence to this requirement by our advertisers.

The "Terms & Conditions of Use" of this website are as detailed below & supercede any prior Terms & Conditions of Use. When you register with, you will be required to agree to these Terms & Conditions as part of the registration process.

In order to place classified ads with, you will need to agree to comply with the following:

  1. The wording of your advertisement is truthful and not misleading in any way. This includes the health, pedigree/parents breed/s, vaccination status, microchip status, colour or any other physical/health attribute of your pup/s. Images of dog/s displayed within your advertisement/s must be of dog/s owned by you, or you must have express permission to use such images from the owner of the dog/s concerned if any of the images displayed are not of your dog/s. Where any image/s used are not of your dog/s, you must state so in the body of your advertisement.

  2. If is made aware of any serious health concerns or poor living conditions regarding the pup/s being sold by you, the relevant authorities will be notified. Pups4sale does not support "puppy farms" (as the term is commonly applied), as we consider the health of adult dogs as well as puppies to be of paramount importance. 

  3. The pup/s advertised for sale by you are wormed, microchipped and vaccinated according to the required schedule of your veterinarian, with the relevant vaccination & microchipping certificate supplied to the purchaser at the time of sale. Additionally, potential purchasers of your pups are to be fully informed prior to purchase of any known health concerns regarding the pup(s) in question.

  4. The pup/s advertised for sale by you are your property to sell, or you are an authorised selling agent for the owner. If you are required by law to possess such, you agree to supply upon request by a purchaser, your Local Council breeder registration (such as a Breeder Identification Number (BIN)). Pups4sale does not require you to disclose such information in your advertisement on our website, but it must be made available to purchasers at the point of sale. 

  5. (a) Should any pup in a litter for sale, or the parents of the litter, be suffering from any adverse health condition(s) (whether genetic or otherwise) whatsoever that are know to the advertiser either at the time the litter is advertised for sale or during the course of the advertisement period, prospective purchasers MUST be informed of such conditions in writing and in full prior to full or partial payment being accepted for any pup in the said litter. Where such advice is not provided, you agree that the purchaser is entitled to a full refund for the cost of the pup concerned, in addition to any freight costs incurred for shipping of the pup to the purchaser and in the process of returning the pup to you. (b) Should it be  found subsequent to purchase, by a duly qualified Veterinarian, that a pup you have sold is suffering from a hereditary condition that was not known at the time of supply of the pup to the purchaser, the purchaser is entitled to a minimum 50% refund of the full purchase price of the pup AND at the discretion of the purchaser the said pup is to be accepted by you as faulty goods in return.

  6. You are welcome to advertise your puppies when they are any age, or even before they are born!. However the pups sold by you in your classified ad on our website MUST be at least 8 weeks of age when they are supplied/delivered to the purchaser/s.

  7. reserves the right to cancel the registration of any registered user of our website and/or to withdraw any advertisement at any time whatsoever if we believe any advertisement/s or part of any advertisement/s placed by the registered user to be untruthful, misleading or unethical, if in our opinion the advertiser is engaged in "puppy farming", or for any other reason whatsoever and without explanation.

  8. reserves the right to cancel the registration of any registered user of our website and/or to withdraw any advertisement at any time whatsoever if an advertisement placed by an advertiser contains any critical or defamatory statements regarding another advertiser or advertisement on our site/s or regarding any of Puppy Dog Pty Ltd's websites themselves.

  9. The information provided on this website regarding breeds and their various characteristics, is general in nature and for information purposes only. It is not to be relied on as a definitive source of information when making a decision to purchase a puppy/puppies. We recommend purchasers contact the relevant Canine Control body or Australian National Kennel Council for definitive information on any breed of dog to be found in Australia.

  10. Refund Policy: If for some technical reason your ad as paid for does either not appear or does not appear for the duration specified through no fault of your own, we will refund the full cost of your advertisement to the credit card account used to pay for the advertisement.

  11. Some breeds such as the Pitbull, Dogo Argentino and Japanese Tosa are now prohibited imports into Australia. In some States it is also illegal to knowingly breed or sell pure or cross breed individuals from such breeds. Therefore as of 04/10/05 we have decided not to accept further advertisements for puppies from such breeds. If such advertisements are placed on our website, we will have to remove them as soon as we become aware of them.

  12. Photographs placed by you with your advertisement may be used to further promote your litter(s) and/or any of Puppy Dog Pty Ltd's websites, at the discretion of the Director/s of Puppy Dog Pty Ltd.

  13. You indemnify absolutely Puppy Dog Pty Ltd, it's directors, employees & agents from all liability arising from the placement of your advertisement(s), and/or the content of such advertisement(s) and/or any activity you may undertake in relation to such advertisements.

  14. Puppy Dog Pty Ltd (the owner of this website) reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of use of this site at any time whatsoever.

  15. Whilst we do everything reasonably possible to detect and prevent scam attempts on our site, Puppy Dog Pty Ltd t/a pups4sale does not accept any liability nor take responsibility for the authenticity of any advertisement placed on our website whatsoever. The use of this website is entirely at the user's own risk.