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Australian Terrier breed Information

Australian Terrier puppies are for sale in Australia with pups 4 sale puppy classifieds!

Buy or sell your Australian Terrier puppies in Australia with the help of our detailed Australian Terrier breed information below!

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Australian Terrier puppies for sale Australia  Australian Terrier puppies for sale Australia  Australian Terrier puppies for sale Australia
Australian Terrier puppies for sale

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Australian Terrier breed information
Adult weight range
Average lifespan
12-15 years
Adult height at shoulder
Males:30cm/11.5" Females:25cm/9.5"
Average weekly cost
Australian Terriers come in the following colours: Blue, steel blue or dark grey blue with rich tan on face, ears, underbody, lower legs and vent. (This colour is commonly known as Blue or Tan.) They also come in Clear Red or Sandy (the Sandy colour has a top knot of a lighter shade.)
The Australian Terrier needs combing and brushing between once a week and once a month, depending on the environment in which they are living.
The Australian Terrier was developed as a "bush assistant" to control snakes, rats & mice around the early homesteads.
The Australian Terrier is a live wire, always ready for fun and games. They respond well to training and do well in obedience trials.
The Australian Terrier can be willful, so early training and firm discipline is important.

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