pups4sale testimonial: ....all puppies are sold. Great site. All 8 sold in 4 days.
Nerida. D

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 Here's just a few more of the many unsolicited testimonials we have received over 8 years in business:

I think you have a terrific site. We have had great results each time we've used it and we won't hesitate to advertise with you for future litters. 

Mary. N

We have sold all our beautiful puppies - we will definitely list future puppies with pups4sale.com.au - Thanks :) 
Kerry. M

 Just a short note to tell you how impressed we are with your web site. We put our ad in newspapers and other web sites with not many bites but after putting our ad in pups 4 sale we had so many emails I found it hard to keep up and found great homes for our babies. Thanking you very much. 

Cherril G

"Thanks so much for all your help with my Mega Ad. All my Cocker Spaniel pups have now found new homes. Thanks to your site I got so many enquiries and I was so happy with the people who my pups went too. Thank you again!"

Joanne. H

..thank you so much for your site!!!all my puppies are gone!!!I was not going to have another litter but have had so much interest from you viewers i might..all my puppies went to loving homes thank you so much...
Kayla. M

I would like to congratulate you on your site. This is only the second time I've used it, & I've sold the pup very much soon after the ad was lodged. Would recommend to anyone .
Gwen H

All pups sold. Thanks for your website. We have only had quality, interested purchasers contact us through pups4sale. Thanks again.

David. C

I have had over 4000 hits on my ad, not including the month I had in which the pups sold in 2 days.

Just wanted to give you an update on how our ad was going. We have 3 boys left and I have received calls from 3 people today that want one...and not to mention we were still getting call for girls when I eventually changed the ad on the weekend as they were snapped up so quickly.
Con. M

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! I advertised my Staffy pups on your site, 2 were gone in the first day, the other a few days later. I have used other sites to advertise, but never one as sucessful as this. I know where I will be advertising in the future!

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