pups4sale testimonial: Thank you so much for this fantastic site. This is my first time, and my pups sold within a week. I could have sold each one 3 times. The last puppy flew interstate this morning. I will be back and I will recomend your site.
Ruth. A

Ad charges for selling puppies safely online in Australia

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With pups4sale.com.au being continually ranked the most popular puppy classified site in Australia by Google, this is the ONLY place you need to go to safely & securely advertise your puppies!

There is no need to advertise your puppies on any of the classified sites in Australia that:
. have few visitors
. host scam ads for puppies that don't exist.
. are infested with "malware" (computer viruses, etc)
. attract scammers & time wasters
. refuse to protect your privacy &
. place your computer security at risk.

Standard Classified: $15.95 for 30 days.You will find pups4sale.com.au is the only place you need to advertise your litter in Australia in order to sell your pups to the homes of your choice.You are welcome to login at any time and edit your ad in any way after it has been placed. Pay securely via Credit Card, PayPal or Direct Deposit.

Photos / Videos: FREE! Upload up to 10 photos and/or videos at absoloutely no charge! Remember if uploading videos, or large photos, allow enough time for your internet connection to complete the upload. As we all know in this country, some internet connections can be quite slow!

Extended Advertising Specials!

3 months advertising - 5% off your total advertisement cost.
6 months advertising - 10% off your total advertisement cost.
12 months advertising - 15% off your total advertisement cost.

Contact Us to set up your extended advertising. It takes only moments and we also supply you with a Tax Invoice for deductibility puposes.

Rescue/Shelter Advertising: FREE!Just register your organisation here under the "Rescue / Shelter Organisation" tab. Once registered and logged in, advertise as many pups & older dogs as you have to re-home! Advertise them in multiple breed categories too in order to further facilitate their re-homing to the right households.

Twitter Advertising: FREE! Your ad will be automatically uploaded to our Twitter profile.

Youtube links: FREE!
 When loading your pictures and videos, you are able to include links to any videos of your litter you may have published on Youtube.

Breeders Links: FREE! If you are a registered breeder with your State Canine Association, we are only too happy to exchange links. Your link will appear on the breed information page for your breed, which are very popular with our site visitors. All we require is a reciprocal link. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.to set up a link exchange!

Mega Ad:$39.95. Mega Ads are located on our very popular home page, last for the duration of your classified, and are automatically edited each time you edit your classified. With over 100,000 visitors each month visiting our home page, Mega Ads are the sure way to turbo-charge your puppy ad even further!
Mega Ad benefits:
.Featured on our home page, where most of our site visitors enter.
.Stand out from regular classified ads placed by those advertising the same breed.
.Draw over twice the hits (and customers!) to your ad as those placing a regular classified.
.Your video (if you have one) can be featured in your Mega Ad, drawing even more visitors to your classified.
.As always, if you need any assistance, please feel free to contact Us for further information.