pups4sale testimonial: Just wanted to commend you on the site and the way in which you run it. I sold my 4 pups with no fuss at all and only advertised on your site. We are very happy and I would highly recommend pups4sale.com.au to any prospective advertiser thinking of selling puppies.
Glen. W

Puppy FAQs on selling and buying puppies and dogs safely


The answers to those Frequently Asked Questions asked most frequently(!) by our users are listed below, many in video format. Each video has the subject detailed beneath it.

Separate to the video-based answers are links to Posts from our blog that many sellers in particular will find helpful.

So scroll through & you are likely to find the answer to your questions. If not, feel free to contact us with your query! 

Tips for Puppy sellers:

01- Photos:

a: Aim high! - with space for 10 photos, plus 2 videos, it is crucial to make use of the visual element when showing off your litter.

b: Image orientation - make sure your images are displayed the right way up! Images that are sideways or upside down are not a good look. We show you how to easily fix this.

02- Description Field - photos/videos are great, but without a quality description of your litter, you are doing yourself a disservice.

03 - Ad Title - your ad title combines with your first photograph, both on-site & on social media to create that vital first impression.

04- Facebook - Share your pups4sale ad on your own Facebook Timeline. This ensure all your Facebook friends see your ad, as well as pups4sale's own audience!