pups4sale testimonial: All pups are sold - thanks for having a website that's easy to manage my ad and update photo's. Your site made selling our pups so much easier!
Debbie. T

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 I had jack russell puppies just after Xmas and sold everyone of them with in a week. Priced right,good pics and great communication with buyers made this a wonderful experience. You will always be my first point of sale as was reasonable advertising costs. Thank you.

Karen. W, Qld

I just want to let you know how satisfied we are with your website pups4sale.com.au. We received amazing results and all prospective buyers were genuine buyers. It made selling a lot easier than I expected. Will definitely be using your site in the future.

Jodie. H, QLD

I have had an overwhelming response and all my babies will be going to their forever homes when old enough. Will be back in the future if she happens to have anothe litter. Thank you

Kellie. W, SA

You are great! I've found a home for my puppy. Thanks a lot!!!! 

Sima. B, QLD

Thank you for your great site all puppies sold within 2 days. thanks again

Brian. M, QLD

I just wanted to thank you for your service! I bought my pup after seeing her on the pups4sale website last month. She is a good healthy little pup and is what I consider my 'little angel'.Thank you to all of you for bringing breeders and wannabe dog owners together! Luckily, through your website I have also been able to establish a good connection with my pup's breeder too. Please keep the good work up! 

Jessica. C

This is the BEST site for selling pups. Every pup has gone to a good home, NSW Qld and WA. The support from the site managers is fantastic. I even bought my last pup through this site. Buyers can be confident there are no scammers or puppy farms represented here.
Richard. T, NSW

I used your page to buy a Cavalier King Charles puppy from Kingaroy. Very happy with getting in contact with breeder and very nice interactions with the seller. I would recommend your page to new puppy buyers. Thank you so much.

Janita. L, QLD

I'm just so thankful that I found your site as I have been able to sell my pups at premium prices to people who want a quality puppy. I have freighted them all over Australia as you cant just sell locally. Your site attracts quality pet buyers  - yes there are some who waste your time but overall its very good. I'm sure u would get so many compliments and honestly the customer service is exceptional.

Mandy S, QLD

6 of my 7 pups sold from your website. Can't believe the response. Thanks again. All sold now.

Paula. P, WA

All puppies are sold. Thank you for the wonderful service; the extra help was very much appreciated. We had over 2,000 hits on the Ad which resulted in the sale of all the pups who have all gone to wonderful new owners. I recommend this site.
June H, WA

It's been quite a few years (must be close to 7 or more)  now since our association started and I appreciate your help and all the enquiries that I get from the pups4sale site.
Cathy S, WA

Thank you so much. Our little puppies have found their forever homes, it was a pleasure and received so many responses.
Heather B, NSW

Just wanted to give you a big thank you for the service you provide. Found lovely homes for all my pups after genuine enquiries through your site.
Sandie K. SA 

I have used your website for many years now and wish to say "Thank You" for all your help that you have provided and the success

that I have achieved selling my puppies. Thank you, thank you!
Trudi. G, VIC

"Thank you pups4sale, all puppies have sold and I believe have gone to good homes after lots of interviewing. Again thank you and I will let you know when Mona has her next litter."
Brigitte H, QLD 

"My puppy sold within minutes of the ad appearing on your site.  Two other enquiries followed before the day was out....Apart from the amazingly quick sale I really appreciated the help and advice you have been able to give me when I was having trouble..." 
Barb. N, QLD

"...Although it seems strange not having them around and also the fact that we miss them, it is pleasing to know that they are in great hands.
We could not be happier with who came along to offer them a new home.
Thanks for your help over the years, we definitely could not have done it without you.
I do not know if or when we will have another puppy, but one thing is for sure, I will continue to recommend your fantastic website!"
Con M, VIC

"She (Miniature Pinscher) had 7 pups and all were sold within a week of being born thanks to your site."
Ann D, W.A.
"Thank you so much for your invaluable web site. All 8 of my beautiful Papillon X Silky puppies sold in the first week. I had wonderful and continuous response to the advertisement and was able to choose each home. My favourite female was last to leave this morning on a petjet flight to Melbourne. I thank you for your top web site and friendly help in setting out the ad. Next litter I shall contact you for more space. Cheers and Thanks!! Can you please remove the add, or place ALL SOLD as I am still receiving e-mails."
Kath P, NSW

"Your site was new to me but I thought I would give it a go and I sold all my pups from your site. Got a big response from the mega add so I'll be doing that again next litter. I love all the puppy photos and it really helps sell them because I bought a puppy I didn't know I wanted until I saw the photo of it. Couldn't resist, thanks heaps, its very user friendly." 
Chris J, QLD

"I would just like to let you know that we have sold all of our puppies thanks to your great help. I would like to thank you, and next time we have a litter I will definitely advertise on here again."
Stephanie H, QLD

"I'm always amazed at the response I get from my Ads I place on the pups4sale site .... through your site I've sold pups from Melbourne VIC to Darwin NT..... I only advertise through pups4sale & 1 other site which doesn't have the same results... I don't Advertise in newspaper or magazines at all. If a problem occurs the assistance I receive is first rate..... So keep up the excellent website - I always recommend you to my friends."
Jillian W, QLD

"Thank you very much for helping me sell my pups. I've got the best results on your web site. I'm going to advertise my pups on your web site from now on. Thanks so much from all my family : )"
Bob G. VIC

"Thanks for your prompt response to all our queries. As first time users it was greatly appreciated. We found this site far more effective than the GSDL puppy listings and at half the cost. We have already recommended your site to friends and will continue to use in the future."
Col & Shirley F. NSW

"I have gladly found a dog for my mum. Thank you so much for your site."
Emma C, NSW
"I found that the Mega ad brought a lot of interest for my puppies and sold two pups directly because of pups 4 sale,  making it excellent value."
Neville S, NSW
"...I like to say that the personal efforts that you put into your site is really brilliant. I have been using your site for the last three years.  I have found really responsible owners for my new  puppies and have had contact with them via email. All our pups have been sold though pups4sale Thanks to the commitment of all staff yourself and Jenny Well done guys your efforts are appreciated..."
Carol F, NSW
"By the way I was a Petlink advertiser for a long time but find the site and management very unprofessional, thanks for a great site for genuine advertisers." 
Tricia C, NSW
"...your site is the best way to sell puppies! I tell anyone who asks me how I sold them to look your site up! From the Hunter Valley in NSW they have gone to Inverell, Blue Mountains, Shepparton Vic, Townsville and Rockhampton Qld!!! I have been very happy with the homes they found. Thanks for a great service!"
Pauline S, NSW
"Hi this site is a credit to you as a breeder I look at them all but you have the best approachable site on the net quick ..helpful... And the best results ever... 5 star service from day one thanks."
Pat V, NSW 

"Just wanted to let you know I sold all my pups and that your site was the BEST. I listed on several sites as well as the Trading Post and Courier Mail and all of the puppies were sold via your site (bar one to a friend). So thanks again."
Meredith G, QLD

"Thanks David well once again thank you and Team for such a great site. I have found good homes for five of our little pure breed maltese puppies out of seven and had more inquiries for the last female and male."
Carol F, NSW

"Thank you so much. Your website is great (you may quote me) All the best."
Pam C, NSW

"Hey I wanted to tell you as well we sell maltese on your site and let me tell you every one was sold within a month. we got sooooo many calls and emails from your site. So now we only use pups4sale. It bought my little toddler the cutest pony any girl could dream for!!! Thank you."
Gail L, QLD
"Thank you to pups4sale. I always find really nice homes for my pups.
I have also met some very good breeders thru here that genuinely care about their dogs. Love the site, Geneart Sharpei Kennels"
Monique R, SA
"Dear David, All your testimonials are true!! Your site is so well thought of and easy to use , even for people such as myself!! With a few pointers you helped me create a great ad that was both effective and affordable, you truly have a great
site that you should be thrilled with especially as it is still relatively new. Thanks again , Best Wishes for the future."
Steph S, NSW

"Hi there, David, All my puppies (both Goldens & Cavaliers) have gone to their new & wonderful homes - thanks to your fantastic site. I couldn't have done it without your site. When the next litters come along, I will pester you again to use your site. Once again, thanks sooooo much, David."
Lynn R, VIC

"I cannot believe how easy it has been to place all my pups in good homes. I am amazed that I had so many hits on each ad' and that even the more difficult breed, the whippets, sold easily and quickly. Thank you very much for a wonderful site and service and I will be using you again and again.
Sharon S, NSW

"Hi! How refreshing to have a site like yours. We sold all our puppies! Hurrah! You have been so helpful and many thanks for your patience! We will definitely spread the word! Many thanks."
Kerry & Darren M., NSW"...the ad has only been up two days and I have sold 6 of the 8 (Jack Russell) puppies already with deposits taken....I love your site!"
April D, NSW"Hi guys, I must tell you that I have had good results from our ad already. I have three buyers for my little angels. I really appreciate the work that has gone into making pups4sale such a great web site. And I have made some great friends in South Australia, Canberra, N.S.W., Brisbane and Townville, where my Maltese Pure breed puppies have been placed in loving homes.  Thank you again
Carol & Frank F., NSW

I must admit I am impressed with the response I have had. I only really have 2 puppies left and I did have 13. Not that all of those sales have come from your website but I have been getting a lot of responses. Keep up the good work. Cheers
Karen J, Jedaka ESS, Qld

This is the second time we have sold our pups on this site, we listed them, and they were all sold in 3 days! WOW! Record time!!!  We will be back next time! Thanks a lot.
Lyndall & Ash P. Qld
I have now sold all the pups - the last goes Tuesday - thank you so much for contacting me about this and I will use your wonderful site again if I decide to have more pups.
Good luck with your site.
Jenny W. Qld
"We've sold both pups as a direct result and contact from your website.  Thanks for making it so easy!!!!!"
Dave M. Qld"Thanks guys again sold whole litter FANTASTIC in just 3 days to approved loving family homes. Keep up the good work."
Rachelle W. Neslhow Dachshunds Qld
"Hello, Just to let you know we were very pleased with our Mega Ad - we sold all our pups within two weeks and look forward to advertising with you again when we have another litter. Regards"
Karen E. NSW, Monsimbee Kennels

David & Jenny, 
"Top website you've got going!  I initially went to petlink.com.au and received many timewasters and people emailing asking whether my ad was a scam or a con - how insulting!!!  I sold one pup though through them and 1 through yours with 1 pup still available.  But sooooooooooo many from petlink were timewasters and it really ticked me. It was $10 well spent and I'll go again with your site when the next litter's due. Thanks again."
Zorka D. SA
David and Jenny, 
Thank you,  I have had a good response from your site, I have recommended you to a fellow breeder who breeds these little crosses as well, and to a registered breeder who is a friend as well.  I was apprehensive about advertising on a site that has so many pure breed dogs listed,  I have had an excellent response and  it has been a pleasure responding to the enquiries.   Thank you again. Regards
Heather B. NSW

"All pups are now sold - It has been the best $8 Spent. 4 of 8 pups sold through your website. Nil through other internet pages. Congrats on your easy to use login and easy to see displays. I told my daughter and she has sold her pups here also. Rock on." 
Graham and Bev H. QLD
Thank you for your site. I have found really lovely homes for my puppies, and will tell others about pup4sale. Thank you again.
Carol & Frank F. NSW
Thank you to all who responded to my ad and to pups4sale. It looks like I have found loving homes for my little babies. Will use this site again next time around. All the best for 2006 to all.
Sonya J. QLD

Hi there guys. Just to let you know I have sold all my Jack Russell puppies from your site. My puppies went right up to Townsville, to Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Victoria, I could not be happier with your great site. Kind Regards, 
April D. NSW

We've been impressed with the amount of enquiries we've received from our ad at pups4sale.  It's been great value for money and it's obvious that lots of people visit your site. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your site to anyone selling puppies.
  Thanks for all your help.
 Gary & Jo W. NSW

Once again I thank you so much for your help! I will be recommending this website to my friends. It is a fantastic website. We started with 4 pups and now have only the one left and we have only advertised with pups4sale. Thank you!! Regards,
Casey B. NSW

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your website. I've advertised my puppies on your site and in the trading post. I've had MANY MANY more calls from your website than I have from anywhere else - including the trading post! I've had my ad viewed over 300 times this week, and I've sold all but three of my pups. I think your website is a fantastic idea - and I will DEFINITELY be advertising here when I have my next litter. Warm Regards, 
Megan, VIC

Hello! They're all sold. I can't believe it. They are going to great homes. I made sure of that. Thank you for putting my photos in and if it wasn't for your site I wouldn't have sold them so quickly. 
Marie L. NSW

THANK YOU for such a great site. I've never bred puppies before and so this is all new to me, but if they are anything like houses the net is the place to sell. Cheers.
Maureen C., QLD


"Hello David and Jenny, I think you guys are wonderful and provide a great service. We had a hit and sale the 1st night so what more do you guys need in the way of promotion!
Dixie and Donna, QLD

Hello! The photos (in my ad) look unreal. Your site is the best ever. Thanks once again

Hi, I would just like to say thank you for such a great site. I advertised my Jack Russell pups here and they have all gone to lovely new owners, I had enquiries from all over Australia, with 1 puppy traveling to Canberra in a fortnight. Once again Thank you for a site that is so well done.
Julie C., QLD

Hi David, 
Just wanted to let you know that the 2 pups now have wonderful homes that they will be joining shortly. I have to thank you for all your help with getting these pups out to the 
public. Especially making them your feature ad. I have been delighted with the results.
When I have more pups available I will be sure to use your website once again. Regards

Jane M., NSW

Thank you for creating a web site that is easy to use with links to breeders and great information about all breeds of dogs. I think pups4sale will be a huge success and has already been popular by the reaction and testimonials already written by many breeders and customers. Well done David and Jenny!! 
From Jane Fall ‘Fernfall Golden Retrievers”, VIC

Hello David, 
Just to let you know we have sold our Westie Pup and he leaves us at the weekend when he is 8 weeks old. We thank you for all the help you gave us, as it was the first time we have sold on the web and your help is much appreciated ,and we will use this system again. Kind Regards

 Jim L., QLD

We have already had one enquiry about the pups, which we were quite amazed to see first thing this morning, since we only placed the ad last night! Hopefully, we can satisfactorily match one of the pups with the enquirer. Thanks for your help. By the way, you have a great web site there – good luck with it in the future as it grows!
Dixie & Donna C., QLD

Thank you pups4sale. Finally a web site on puppies for sale in Australia that is appealing to the eye, very easy to access and informative. My very first litter of puppies for sale advertised with you had over 300 visits and  all puppies had homes even before they were born thanks to your web site. Your attention to detail on each breed is also to be commended. Well done!
Neslhow Dachshunds, Queensland.