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Rehome your Rescue / Shelter dogs on pups4sale

Pups4sale now has it's very own, dedicated area for Rescue organisations and Shelters to advertise both pups & older dogs for FREE!!
With the great display & user friendly layout our site uses, together with our hugely popular Facebook Page (where all ads are fed to), pups4sale is the site you need to successfully rehome your rescue or shelter puppies / dogs.

What this means for you is you no longer need to spend valuable time placing ads on your own site, FB wall, other sites etc - just place your ad on pups4sale and we will do the advertising for you! With 21,000+ members as at March 2014 and thousands of visitors to our site every day, pups4sale is THE place to go to rehome your rescue or shelter puppies & older dogs.

As well as appearing on pups4sale, your ads automatically appear on our Facebook Page, which has over 15,000 domestic likes as at November 2014. As many people use Facebook to find their next dog, this extra audience can make a huge difference when re-homing rescue and shelter dogs.

All you need to do is:

Register under the "Rescue / Shelter Dogs" membership.
. Click on "New classified" when registered and follow the prompts to place your ad.
...and that's it!

Come back as often as you like, place as many ads as you like (including videos!), edit how you like - the list is endless! Plus GREAT admin assistance to help you rehome your puppies & dogs is only a click/tweet/SMS/msg away via the "Contact Admin" tab.