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Basset Hound breed Information

Basset Hound: The Ultimate Breed Guide 2020




The Basset Hound, also known as Hushpuppy dog, is one of the most popular dog breeds. They are genuinely loveable for their adorable personality and sluggish looks. Although they are recognized for their prey and hunting abilities, yet they still carry the tag of man’s best companion.

The first name ‘Basset’ came from the French word, ‘bas,’ which means low to the ground or breed with a low height. On the other hand, the hush puppy dogs have a unique personality. They have a short and long structure with a wrinkly body—the floppy ears with the most adorable and innocent eyes in the world. 


The Hushpuppies have a great companion history with kids. They are very gentle and have a great temperament that makes them a wonderful family pet. 

Characteristics of Basset Hound   


Like their personality, Hushpuppy dogs are one of the most popular and adorable breeds to tame. They are delightful enough to share the time with your kids and gentle enough to be your family’s vital member. 

So, these are the essential qualities and characteristics of a Basset hound. Now let’s find out some more significant and unknown traits of Hushpuppy dog.

Breed Characteristics


The basset hound dogs have a quite low height around 38cm, and their average weight is around18 kg for females (small) and approximately 27kg for male (large). The Basset Hounds have an extensive and heavy-boned body and short legs. These dogs are bulky in body structure, and need at least 2 years to gain the full size.

The hushpuppy dogs have dark and expressive eyes with dangling and floppy ears around. Because of their long and short body structure, they end up with kind of a rectangular personality. These dogs have short and gentle coats with a curving tail. And you can have them in white and light brown color. 


Temperament  ( 3 out of 5)


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The hush puppy dogs are very gentle and sweet. They are not very severe or short-tempered attackers. They love to be around family and especially with kids. They are easy-going yet very sluggish. On the other hand, you need to be cautious because they are notorious for their barking and digging quality. They have the natural skills of prey, and hush puppies are hard to train.

Adaptability (3 out of 5)


Easy to adapt in an urban area (4 out of 5) 


Hushpuppy dogs have high versatility in any environment as long as they are around humans. They are well comfortable in an apartment environment because they are very sluggish and do not love to create the mess around.


Show more happiness around the countryside. ( 5 out of 5)



The Basset Hound Dogs have inherited hunting nature, that is why they love to roam around in lawns and farm areas. They are quite enthusiastic about walks and wandering around the open fields. 


Sensitivity (3 out of5)


Although the basset hounds breed is very gentle and a happy breed, they do not love to be left alone. They love to be around with family and even with other dogs too. They can bark initially, but later they greet and play with strangers also. While having a single time, they can create chaos and may bark excessively.    


Basset hound- All-around Friendliness (5 out of 5)


Family-friendly (5 out of 5)


The hush puppy dogs are one of the gentle and easy to tame breeds in the world. They are well mannered and behaved dogs. Their adorable personality and innocent face show their affection and love towards the family and humans. They are the greatest cuddling and attention seeker dogs. 


Dog friendly (5 out of 5)



The basset hounds are lovely and gentle in nature. They love to be around someone. They love playing with other dogs. They have great traits of companionship. And the history of basset hounds suggests that these dogs love to be in a group of dogs. These dogs like to be in pairs and play nice without creating any mess.


Kids friendly (5 out of 5)


Hushpuppy dogs are happier when they are around kids. Hushpuppy loves to play with kids. They are more familiar with kids than anybody in the family. They love cuddling from kids and like to run and roam around.  


Stranger Friendly (5 out of 5)


As we have mentioned earlier about the friendliness with strangers, the basset hounds breed is not great house watchers. They may bark at first, but then they meet strangers with lots of joy and happiness. Perhaps, this is the true nature of hush puppy dogs because they can’t resist human companionship.


Health needs and grooming of Basset Hound  (4 out of 5)


Less amount of shedding (4 out of 5)


The enormous amount of shedding is one of the most irritating and frustrating things about dogs. And especially for those dogs who have a massive amount of coat on their body. 


Less shedding is one of the things that can pursue you for buying the Hushpuppy dog. Less coats on their body means less shedding around the beds and floor. Even one-time brushing a week would be enough for you to keep your dog’s skin exfoliated. 


Easy to groom (4 out of 5)


Yet another very interesting and best part of having basset hounds in your home! They have a tiny structured body and require less grooming to keep clean. They do not have a very thick coating in the tail and legs. So, you can easily do the brushing and maintain your dog's hygiene.


Trainability (3 out of 5)



Not an Easy Learner (3 out of 5): The basset hounds are not quick and easy learners. So, you need to be patient and smart while training the Basset. The first rule of training with a basset hound is not to expect rapid results. They need fun and reasons with a treat to progress the training. 


Intelligent (4 out of 5): As we have mentioned that they do not have the traits of good and quick learners. That doesn't mean they are not smart or are dumb. They need some time to accept training and new things. And after that, they can be the best learner during the all-time of your practice.  


Prey Drive (4 out of 5): The pedigree of hush puppy dogs says that they are good killers. During the 16th century, the owners used to tame them for hunting small animals like rabbits. They love to hunt in a group, and this quality makes them a good hunter and a great protector.  


The tendency to bark (4 out of 5): Though the breed of basset hounds is very gentle and calm, they may cry, and the past suggests that they bark a lot. And barking is the only thing for which they are termed as notorious.

Basset Hounds physical needs (3 out of 5)


Exercises (3 out of 5)



Due to their body structure, the hush puppy needs little extra hard work with a balanced food diet. As we have discussed earlier that basset hound pure breeds are more prone to obesity. That is why you need to play and have to be strict with an exercise routine for your hush puppy.


Playfulness (3 out of 5)


Dogs are the best companions of humans. They love to play and sit in your lap. They need cuddles and attention for yours. In short, the Basset Hound dog needs extra playtime to be happy and healthier. A timely morning and surprise vacation is all you need to make your dog happy.   


It would be best if you were around him. (2 out of 5)


It's a proven fact that pets do not want to live alone or pass their most of the time in your waiting. And the same goes for Basset too. You need to make sure that your dog is not alone or feeling lonely.


Vital Stats About the Hushpuppy Dog




Basset Hound breed group

AKC Hound

Height of the dog

On average, the male dog is 35cm

and the female dog is 33cm tall.  

Healthy Weight

18-27 kg.

Coat length 


Energy Level 


Grooming Requirement 

Once in a week 



Life Span

8 to 12 years

Exercise Requirement 

Daily walk

Attention Needs



























Basset Hound Breed History 


During the time of the 14th century, today’s Basset breed used to be termed as badger hunter. During 1066, a large group of Ardennes Hounds was transported to Britain to Hunt stag. Later, the name called bloodhound was given to imported dogs, and then some other breeds were used to enhance the overall structure of the bloodhound.   


The Basset Hounds have been living in human society for over the centuries. Some documentation suggests that today’s basset hounds belong to the Basset Artesien Normand. And after many names and breeds, mixing the pedigree of Basset Hound was accepted by the Australian Kennel Club (AKC) in 1885.  


A Brief Account on Basset Hound


Size & Weight 


The Basset Hound dogs have small and long body structure. The average height of the male dog is 35cm and the female dog averages around 33cm. On the other hand, the weight of a healthy male and female Basset Hound varies between 18 kg and 27kg. 


The behavior of the Basset Hound Dog: Personality & Temperament 


We have mentioned and discussed earlier that the breed of Hushpuppy dogs is very gentle and adorable. They love to play and need cuddling to mark their presence. They are high attention seekers. They look very sluggish by their gestures and posture, but they love to roam and spend time playing.


While discussing the bad habits, then we can say they do not like to be left alone. Then, they can create chaos and end up messing around. In short, these dogs have a very gentle and calm temperament, and they greet people with enthusiasm. 


Basset Hound Puppies Temperament 


The basset hound dogs have very similar body structure to puppies until one year. The basset puppies are not short-tempered. They love to play and chew things. They like to play with humans and need a company for the whole day. So, when you get to know about basset hound puppies for sale, then go have your great companion.


Health issues with Basset Hound Dogs  


According to some pet health experts and researchers, the basset hounds are more at risk genetically. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean your pet will surely acquire the disease; it means your dog has more chances to get infected than other pets. So, let’s check out some health problems and illnesses related to a basset hound.




The unnecessary fat in the body, which is termed as obesity, is one of the biggest threats for a dog’s life. It can affect any dog or animal, but because of the genetic issues, your hush puppy dog is more prone to this disease. Obesity can cause severe illness and pain like back pain, joint problems, and digestive disorders. It may cause heart disease too. So, as a dog owner, it is your responsibility to get some free time for your dog and try to play with her/him for some time. And last but not least, be more cautious about the food and diet of your pet.    



Hushpuppy dogs are easily infected with viral and bacterial infections like rabies, parvo, and distemper. However, some of these can easily be prevented through timely vaccination, which is done by pet doctors based on age and diseases. 


Dental Disease


Dental problems are one the most common in pets. A study suggests that around 80 percent of dogs can get affected by the disease before turning two. And specifically, the hush puppy dogs are prone to dental problems. If you don’t look after this initially, then your dog can suffer from teeth loss, possibly. 


Bone Pain


Numerous reasons can justify bone pain, but obesity and eosinophilic panosteitis can make your dog cry in severe bone pain. The latter can be the reason for the inflammation of the leg’s long bone. This can happen at the age of six to ten months. Though there are no harmful side effects of this pain, your dog still needs pain medication to get rid of it.

How to Care for the Basset Hound Puppies/ Dogs?



To keep your dog healthy and happy is one of the first things that you can do at your home. And for the more vigorous routine, and long and happy life, you can cautiously take care of their diet regularly. You need to make sure that your dog is doing enough exercise to keep the body healthy. On the other hand, proper vaccination and checkups must be ensured. And yes, a regular grooming routine will make your pet healthy. There are some other things that you can do at home-


  • Proper and timely coat brushing twice a week
  • Brushing the teeth at least once a week
  • Appropriate bath and ear cleaning
  • It would help if you kept her/his mind energized and active.
  • Proper and regular diet
  • Regular exercises

What to Feed Them?


Like any other dog, your Basset Hound needs the right amount of fat, protein, and carbohydrate mixed meal to eat every day. One thing that you need to check out is the quality of the food because the condition depends on the food provider and the food company.  


For a healthy life, your dog needs several small meals per day rather than having one large meal. On the other hand, there are also several factors that you should consider before serving the feed to your dog. 

  • The age of your dog
  • The weight of your dog
  • The activeness of your dog
  • The overall health of your dog
  • The quality of food


Food Routine of Basset Hound


For 6 to 12 weeks old- 4 times/day

For 12 weeks to 6 months old puppy- 3 times/day

For 6 months and above- 2 times /day.

What’s the Best Dog Food for Basset Hound Dog?


Here are some foods that can be best suited for your pet and you can serve them according to the factors that we have discussed in the upper sections-


The Coat Color of Basset Hound Dog and Grooming Needs


These dogs have white and brown short coats all over their body, which makes them extra adorable. On the other hand, basset hounds are known for their unique and small body structure with floppy ears and long and heavy body. They do not have a big coat, but you still need to be cautious about the grooming of your pet. Though they do not have long shedding periods like other long-coated dogs have, despite that, the cleaning and grooming of Hush Puppy are essential.



As we have mentioned earlier that the Basset hound breed does not have a large coat on their back, and you can merely find some small fur on their legs and tail too. So, that is why the brushing part can be done quickly. Perhaps once or twice a week, brushing would be enough for your dog, or you can do the brushing based on daily activities.   




A right water tub filled with warm water and some good quality hygienic products like hair shampoo and facial wash would be enough to make your dog clean and odor-free. Though, you can decide the bath number in a week based on the weather and your dog’s health.  

Paw care


The paw is one of the most sensitive areas of your dog’s body that need some extra attention. The basset hounds have large nails in comparison to other breeds. So, you should use better and good quality scissors to trim them.  


How Are Basset Hounds with Children and Other Pets?



The hush puppy dogs are very gentle and calm with kids. The Basset Hound dogs/puppies love to play with kids. They are so affectionate and loveable while with kids. On the other hand, these dogs always like to be around another dog or in pairs. And this shows the friendliness and calm nature of the Basset Hound breed. 


Basset Hound Lab Mix 


Bassador breed is the mixture hybrid of Basset hound purebred and Labrador Retriever. They are short and may have sad eyes as Basset hounds have. Otherwise, they look like later parents.  

Basset Hound Rescue Groups

The ultimate bond of companionship between humans and dogs has been nurturing over the centuries. But still, you can find out plenty of cases of dog abuse and violence. The inadaptability with animals and less information about the dog while buying the dog leads to animal abuses. If you find any Basset Hound in agony or ill condition, you can contact any of these listed groups-

Dogs NSW


Dogs New South Wales is one of the popular associations in Australia responsible for working for years for welfare and rescue works of Dogs/puppies. It is setting up some great examples on how one should treat and prevent their dogs. 


Dogs Victoria


Dog Victoria is the foremost working body in Victoria, Australia, representing breeders and owners of purebred dogs all over Victoria. They are working to promote and protect purebred dogs and offer some fantastic activities for the crossbreds and make life easier. 


Canine Control Council of Queensland


The Canine Control Council of Queensland is the supreme body in Queensland that works in the dogs' welfare. They are nearly representing the six thousand plus members. The persons who breed or own, canine activities related to sport, regularly issuing and certifying the pedigree or facilities like dog breeders education.  


Basset Hound Club of Victoria


The Basset Hound Club of Victoria is among the topmost clubs which work for Basset Hound Breed Dogs.

Basset Hound Breed Organisations


It provides complete information about rescue organisations, breed clubs, associations, and a lot of details regarding the Basset hound for sale or about the breed.


The Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC)


The Australian National Kennel Council is the foremost working body in all over Australia. It affiliates the local or state organizations that are working for the welfare of dogs in the Country. Some of prevalent and known body and clubs are-


  1. Australian Capital Territory Canine Association Inc (Dogs ACT)Canine Association of Western Australia Inc (Dogs West)
  2. Canine Control Council (Queensland) (Dogs Qld)
  3. North Australian Canine Association Inc (Dogs NT)
  4. Royal New South Wales Canine Council Ltd (Dogs NSW)
  5. South Australia Canine Association Inc (Dogs SA)
  6. Tasmanian Canine Association Inc (Dogs Tas)
  7. Victorian Canine Association Inc (Dogs Vic)


So, there were associations or clubs working under the affiliation of the Australian National Kennel Council. Now, let's understand the working structure of ANKC-   


The Australian National Kennel Council is the supreme body that maintains registries for purebreds in the Country. The council also governs and recognises the approved conformation shows, canine events, and dog trails of dogs across the Country. Last but not least, the Australian National Kennel Council is also the representative of the Australian Kennel club at the International level as the respective member of the Fédération CynologiqueInternationale.



The main story of the Australian National Kennel council was started in 1949 when the 1st congregation was held in Sydney Royal Easter show about the formation of the Australian National Kennel Council. But after almost a decade, a draft was made and presented in the Royal Easter show, which was later approved and led to the formation of the Australian National Kennel Council in the same year.



There is a saying that no one can love someone like animals do. Perhaps that is why many humans love to adopt or have a dog in their life as a prominent member of their life. So, this is the detailed guide on Basset Hound dogs. These dogs are calm, adorable, and can be your perfect companion.

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