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Border Collie breed Information

Border Collie puppies are for sale in Australia with pups 4 sale puppy classifieds!

Buy or sell your Border Collie puppies in Australia with the help of our detailed Border Collie breed information below!

On this page you will find a range of information designed to assist you when making the decision on whether Border Collie puppies are right for you.

Border Collie puppies for sale Australia  Border Collie puppies for sale Australia
Border Collie puppies for sale Australia

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Border Collie breed information:
Adult weight range
Average lifespan
12-15 years
Adult height at shoulder
Males:55cm/21.5" Females:45cm/17.5"
Average weekly cost
The Border Collie can be quite colourful, with black, blue and sable variations including varying levels of white and brown. The most common colouring is black & white.
Brushing once a week is all that is required.
Border Collies were developed in the mists of time, when a good sheep dog could make the difference between having a flock of sheep...or the predators having them. From many different types of sheepdog came the Border Collie, with the current conformation being recognised as far back as the 1500s.
The Border Collie is a born worker who lives to please his owners.
The Border Collie must be given lots of exercise or work or it tends to become destructive.

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