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Boxer breed Information

The Boxer is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, and for good reason. They are as sweet as can be and are about as playful as any other breed on Earth. They got their name because of the way they love to get up on their hind legs and playfully box with people and other animals.

Boxers are known for being a great combination of family dogs and guard dogs. They are as loyal as can be, but will get along with just about anyone if trained properly. There aren't too many Boxer owners who regret their decision to go with this breed. 

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Boxer breed information:


Boxers are on the larger side of the medium-sized dogs. They look strong with their thick head and shoulders, and they are strong. Both males and females grow to be about 2 feet tall, with females weighing around 60 pounds and males around 70.Boxers have short muzzles and a unique under-bite, which gives them a distinct look all on their own, but the physical characteristic that sets them apart from all other breeds is their big, long tongue. Their tongues will often flap around no matter what they're doing, which adds to their already goofy and adorable look.They have a very short, shiny costs, which makes for easy grooming, but it also makes them uncomfortable in very hot or very cold climates. Though you will find Boxers in some other colors, they're usually either white, brindle or fawn.


There are quite a few breeds that act like kids throughout their lives, but none more consistently than the Boxer. Boxers love playing from the moment they're born until they just can't play any more. People are often thrown off if they have never seen this big, powerful breed in action. While they are playful 99% of the time, they do when they need to get serious, so it's solid overall personality. 

The characteristic that sets the Boxer apart from all other breeds is the way it “boxes” with both people and other animals. There's nothing like seeing a Boxer get up on its hind legs, gently swing with its paw, and have a huge smile on its face the entire time. 

Boxer puppies are as goofy as can be, but they're also quick to pick up on things. They should be trained early so they don't wreck their homes, but they are people pleasers and will learn if their owners have a gentle but firm teaching method.Boxers absolutely adore children, but it's a good idea to keep them away from toddlers when they're excited because they can knock them over on accident. They have a hard time controlling themselves when they are in a fun-loving boxing mood, so young children need to be careful around this breed. 

Boxers are usually outstanding with other dogs, but it's still smart for owners to get them used to other animals at an early age. They're even known for being naturally gentle with cats and other small animals. It's just one of those animals that wants to be liked and will like anything it comes into contact with.There aren't too many other dogs that satisfy the guard dog as well as the Boxer does. It will bark up a storm the second it feels that its owners are going to be in any danger, so it's not uncommon to hear stories about hero Boxers all over the world. Yes, they are loving dogs, but first in foremost in their minds they need to protect their pack. 

Since Boxers get very attached to people and love interacting, they aren't the best breed to leave left alone for long periods of time. Of course, if they are getting the exercise that they need every day, their stress will usually stay down even if they have to be left in the house for short periods.


Boxers may look and act goofy most of the time, but believe it or not they are very easy to train once you get through to them. The trick is actually calming them down enough to start training them properly. Once that happens, they learn that they'll be rewarded for paying attention to their owners and will be better trainees. 

Boxers have worked with police and as aids to blind people, so they definitely have the potential to learn very advanced commands and tricks. All it takes is for the owner to establish his or her dominance and then slowly work their way up the ladder of commands. After a while, it becomes very simple to train a Boxer.


Physical and mental exercise is what every Boxer needs, and the more they get, the happier they are. They need at least one very long walk every day and an hour or so of running around on top of that. Boxers get bored and stressed quickly if they haven't had enough exercise, so it is vital that owners stick to a workout schedule with these dogs.

Even though Boxers do need a lot of exercise, it's okay for them to live in smaller homes. As long as they can stretch their legs in the house, they'll be happy. Of course, the smaller  the home, the more exercise they are going to need outside.


Boxers are some of the easiest dogs to groom because of their short coat and the fact that they walk and run off their nails naturally. They are also very clean dogs despite the fact that they love to play around in the yard all of their lives.

Boxers can develop tooth pain and other dental problems early on in their lives, so owners should start brushing their teeth when they're young. A lot of dental issues can be avoided with weekly teeth brushing.Boxers usually have cropped ears, which means that they are prone to some ear issues, as well. It's a good idea to check their ears and clean them when necessary using a veterinarian-recommended cleaning solution.


Boxers generally live between 11-14 years. If they live in more mild climates, they have a much higher chance of living longer than that. 

Boxers are more prone to cancer than any other breed, which means they should have regular visits with their vets when they become adults. Other common health issues that Boxers deal with are allergies, hip dyspepsia, and bloat.It is recommended that Boxers are kept at a comfortable temperature most of the time because they don't respond well to extreme climates. The fact that they love running and playing at 110% means that they can become exhausted and sick in extreme temperatures.

Who Should Own a Boxer:

Boxers are great for just about anyone who is prepared to take care of a dog, but potential owners need to know in advance that they require a lot of attention to maintain a positive attitude. Boxers are love having big spaces to move around in, but an average size apartment or home will suit them just fine as long as they are given their allotted play time each day. 

It's always going to be a bit of a mission for first-time pet owners to learn how to handle owning a dog, but Boxers are one of the best breeds for it because of their basic needs and limited grooming requirements. As long as the owner takes the time to know what a Boxer needs to be happy, they can be the perfect first pet. 

People who have the time to spend a few hours running around and training their dogs would be perfect fits for Boxers. There's pretty much no such thing as an unhappy Boxer when around people, but the ones that are the happiest are the ones who have owners that give them the attention that they need and deserve. 

Boxers are great with big families that are going to love them and they'll even be satisfied with multiple other animals roaming around the house. As long as owners teach them early what they can and can't do, they can adapt to just about any home environment.

Who Shouldn't Own a Boxer:

People who live in very hot or very cold areas should probably look for another breed because Boxers just don't like extreme temperatures. They still look happy when they're exhausted, but on the inside they are not feeling very good when the temperature is too warm or too frigid.

Obviously, anyone who can't devote time to a Boxer will not be a good fit for this breed. Even though they can be great guide dogs for the blind, even those dogs need to be run around for a few hours every day. If your schedule won't allow you to give a Boxer his daily need of exercise, it's best that you don't get one.


All in all, Boxers are amazing dogs that just need owners who know what their specific needs are. There are a lot of dog owners out there who only want Boxers because they know how great the breed can be from when they are puppies all the way into old age. It's a great breed that that will probably continue to gain in popularity in the future.

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