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Fox Terrier breed Information

Smooth Haired Fox Terrier
Smooth Haired Standard Fox Terrier

Wire Haired Fox Terrier  Wire Haired Standard Fox Terrier puppies
Wire Haired Standard Fox Terrier

Standard Fox Terriers ("Foxies") come in Smooth Haired and Wire Haired coat types.

Please find detailed Toy/Miniature & Standard breed information below!

Breed information:
Adult weight range
Toy/Miniature: 1.5-3kg/3.3-6.5lbs
 Standard: 6-8kg/13-17.5lbs
Average lifespan
14-15 years
Adult height at shoulder
Toy/Miniature: Males: 27cm Females:22cm
Standard: Males: 39cm Females: 38cm
Average weekly cost
Smooth: The Smooth Haired Foxy has a basically white coat with black or brown markings.
Wire: Wire Haired Foxies come in black & white, tan & white, brown & tan and white.
Toy/Miniature: There are three permitted color combinations for the Toy/Miniature Foxy. These are black and white, tan and white, and tri-color (black, white and tan).
Smooth & Toy/Miniature: The Smooth Haired & Toy/Miniature require little grooming at all. The occasional brushing to remove dead hair is quite sufficient.
Wire: The coat of the Wire Haired should be brushed several times a week.
The breed was developed by mixing a number of terrier breeds, as well as Beagles, Dachshunds and Foxhounds. They were originally developed to hunt vermin and to assist the hunter in the field.
Toy/Miniatures were developed in Australia in the 1800s and were descended from their large cousins brought over from England at the time.
The breed is easy to care for and get on well with other pets. They love to play, and also make a good sentry to alert owners of visitors to the home.
The breed  can be "snappy" around small children if the children do not treat them well. Children need to be educated when interacting with Fox Terriers that the Fox Terrier is a dog and not a toy, thus needing to be properly respected.


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