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French Bulldog breed Information

Thanks to Silkston Kennels for the pictures of adult dogs & puppies used on this page.

French Bulldog puppies for sale  French Bulldog
French Bulldogs

Breed information:
Adult weight range
Average lifespan
10-12 years
Adult height at shoulder
Males & females: 30cm/11.5"
Average weekly cost
The breed is available in brindle, white or fawn, or a combination of all three colourations.
The breed needs little coat care. The occasional brushing to remove dead hair is generally sufficient.
The breed was actually developed in England! He was developed as a miniature version of the English Bulldog, but when crossed with the French Terrier has gone on to develop more distinctive characteristics over the years.
The breed loves to play and have fun. He is good around children, especially older children
They tend to bond to one person in the household, and puppy buyers need to be aware of this.

Conclusion: As with any breed, you and your family need to take into account your personal circumstances before making the decision to purchase a puppy. It is not only the initial buying price either - which at $3,500+ makes this breed one of the most expensive in Australia. As you will note from above, the breed lives on average at least 10 years, so you need to plan on whether your circumstances are likely going to be suitable for a dog of this breed - or any other - in that time frame.

If in doubt, it is always a good idea to speak at length with a breeder - such as those listed below. These people are the ones who specialise in this particular breed of dog, and thus know the pluses and minuses when it comes to owning an caring for one. For instance, each breed has its own particular sets of peculiarities in behaviour, and susceptabilities when it comes to genetic conditions and those non-genetic caused by breeding for a certain type.

In addition to those breeders listed here, breed associations are also a good way to find out further information on any breed of dog. A Google search is one way to find such organisations. Another way is to contact your State Canine Association (such as Dogs QLD, Dogs NSW, etc). They can put you in touch with a breed club, which are very handy in terms of providing additional information you may well find useful.

Silkston Kennels, VIC  
Bonzabull Kennels, QLD  
 Parrogues Kennels, NSW
Wotizit Kennels, QLD

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