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German Spitz-Mittel+Klein breed Information

German Spitz-Mittel & Klein puppies are for sale in Australia with pups 4 sale puppy classifieds!

Buy or sell your German Spitz-Mittel & Klein puppies in Australia with the help of our detailed German Spitz-Mittel & Klein breed information below!

On this page you will find a range of information designed to assist you when making the decision on whether German Spitz-Mittel & Klein puppies are right for you.

Thanks to Nueboree & Banjospitz German Spitz Kennels for the pictures of German Spitz-Mittel & Klein puppies & adults used on this page, and the additional information provided. Thanks also to Nueboree Kennels for the pictures used on this page.

German Spitz - Mittel puppies for sale Australia  German Spitz - Mittel puppies for sale Australia

German Spitz - Mittel puppies for sale Australia  German Spitz - Mittel puppies for sale Australia
German Spitz-Mittel  puppies for sale Australia

German Spitz-Mittel breed information:
Adult weight range
Average lifespan
10-12 years
Adult height at shoulder
Males & Females:30-38cm/11.5-15"
Average weekly cost
All colour varieties and markings are acceptable in the German Spitz-Mittel. However Butterfly pigment is not permitted with any colour.
German Spitz-Mittel dogs only require grooming on a weekly basis. Extra grooming is however required when there is a coat drop.
The German Spitz-Mittel was developed in Europe as a field utility dog. It has been used for diverse roles such as hunting, stock protecting and transporting goods. However now it's main purpose is as a companion dog.
The German Spitz-Mittel is a hard working dog, faithful companion and an excellent breed for country living.
The German Spitz-Mittel is not suitable for owners who do not have the time to meet the breed's grooming requirements.

German Spitz (Mittel & Klein) breeders, Australia
Nueboree German Spitz (Mittel), NSW German Spitz - Mittel breeders, Australia
Mysteria Kennels, Czechoslovakia German Spitz - Klein breeder

German Spitz-Mittel+Klein Photo Gallery

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