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Italian Greyhound breed Information

Italian Greyhound puppies are for sale in Australia with pups 4 sale puppy classifieds!

Buy or sell your Italian Greyhound puppies in Australia with the help of our detailed Italian Greyhound breed information below!

On this page you will find a range of information designed to assist you when making the decision on whether Italian Greyhound puppies are right for you.


Italian Greyhound puppies for sale Australia  Italian Greyhound puppies for sale Australia
Italian Greyhound puppies for sale Australia


Thanks to Kedar & Manoah Italian Greyhounds for the pictures of Italian Greyhound puppies & adults used on this page, and the additional information provided.


Italian Greyhound breed information:

Adult weight range

Average lifespan
12-14 years

Adult height at shoulder
(No sex differentiation): 32-38cm/12.5-15"

Average weekly cost

Italian Greyhounds come in blue, red, cream, black and fawn.

Italian Greyhounds require very little grooming due to their short coat.

Italian Greyhounds appear to have originated in Egypt. They were adopted by the Romans in the 6th century B.C. and became very popular in the Mediterranean area as both companion dogs and small game hunters.

Italian Greyhounds love to cuddle with their owners, as do many toy breeds. They bond strongly to their family and make excellent companion dogs.

Italian Greyhounds are very fragile as puppies, and leg fractures are extremely common at this age. Therefore they must be treated very gently as pups. They are also a sensitive dog and require a peaceful, calm house to call their own.

Italian Greyhound breeders, Australia


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Tunamara Italian Greyhounds, SA

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Okeekarma Italian Greyhounds, VIC

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