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Miniature Australian Bulldog breed Information

Thanks to Karingal Kennels for the pictures of puppies & adults used on this page, and the additional information provided.

Breed information:
Adult weight range
None set - in proportion to body recommended. The range of 10-17kgs is common.
Average lifespan
Adult height at shoulder
Males & Females: Not to exceed 35.5cm (14").
Average weekly cost
The breed comes in a wide variety of colours. All brindles, reds, fawns, whites, solid or pied mixes of these colours. Black only acceptable as a mask on the face.
Individuals do need an occasional brushing to keep their short hair in order and to remove dead hair from their coat.
The breed is a direct descendent of the Australian Bulldog. They are a miniature version of the Australian Bulldog (as the name suggests), more suited for suburbia. The breed is very new and has not yet been recognised by the ANKC as at June 2010.
"Minis" can be fierce in appearance but extremely affectionate in nature. The breed was developed to create an alternative to the British Bulldog that was better suited to our Australian climate.
They can be occasionally scrappy with strange dogs..
Members of the breed are very active have a great zest for life, very intelligent, playful yet they are very loving and loyal.

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