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Miniature Fox Terrier breed Information

Thanks to the Mini Foxie Club of Australia (MFCA) for the pictures of "Mini Foxy" puppies & adults used on this page, and the additional information provided.

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Breed information:
Adult weight range
Average lifespan
15-18 years
Adult height at shoulder
Males: 30.5cm/12" Females:24.5cm/9.5"
Average weekly cost
The body colour is mostly white, with tan and/or black patches and spots.  No other colours allowed. The skin and hair on the head should have good colour for maximum protection from UV rays and skin cancer. The eyes should be dark.
The short smooth coat benefits from a weekly brushing. Nails should be kept short. A healthy well balanced diet keeps the skin and coat in good health.
The breed was developed in Australia in the 1800s and were descended from their large cousins brought over from England at the time.

Often called “the little foxies” by Australia’s rural pioneers, they were part of the wider Fox Terrier family in England and Europe prior to the establishment of The Kennel Club. Today’s individuals carry the bloodlines of the Fox Terrier and the old Toy Manchester Terrier and share the distinctive oval shaped foot (semi-hare foot) and ancestry of the AKC registered Toy Fox Terrier.  Widely used for rat control for centuries on land and on ships, the "Mini Foxie" played an important role in the health of Sydney when used at the North Head Quarantine Station and by local councils. Official club breeding records have only been kept in Australia since 1986.   The breed is considered a “breed in development” and the MFCA is working towards official ANKC recognition.     

The breed is a very loving, toy sized terrier.   Playful and fast moving, the breed is intelligent and easy to train.   Health problems are minimal.   All MFCA registered breeding dogs are vet checked prior to breeding to minimize the incidence of "laxating patella", a condition that can occur in many small breeds of dogs. Accommodation requirements for them are minimal, and they co-habit well with many dog breeds.  
The beeed needs secure fencing.   Its small size belies its bravery and these little dogs have no fear of motor vehicles and snakes.   They will not back away from a fight with a snake and premature deaths can occur if they are not kept away from both traffic and snakes!


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