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Old English Sheepdog breed Information

Old English Sheepdog puppies are for sale in Australia with pups 4 sale puppy classifieds!

Buy or sell your Old English Sheepdog puppies in Australia with the help of our detailed Old English Sheepdog breed information below!

On this page you will find a range of information designed to assist you when making the decision on whether Old English Sheepdog puppies are right for you.

Old English Sheepdog puppies for sale Australia  Old English Sheepdog puppies for sale Australia
Old English Sheepdog puppies for sale Australia

Old English Sheepdog breed information:
Adult weight range
Average lifespan
12-13 years
Adult height at shoulder
Males:71cm/28" Females:61cm/24"
Average weekly cost
Old English Sheepdogs come in any shade of blue/grey and may or may not have white markings. They also come in a range of brown colours.
Old English Sheepdogs require daily grooming in order to keep their distinctive coats healthy.
The Old English Sheepdog was developed in England in the 1700s. It's thick, all weather coat made it a good choice to resist the extreme cold that working dogs encounter in that country.
Old English Sheepdogs are a great family companion. They have an outgoing, playful nature towards all they meet.
Owners must be prepared for the demanding grooming requirements of the Old English Sheepdog.

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