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Schipperke breed Information

Thanks to Ophnbark Schipperkes for the pictures of Schipperke puppies & adults used on this page, and additional information provided. Thanks also to the Schipperke Association of NSW for further information provided.

Schipperke puppies for sale Australia  Schipperke puppies for sale Australia  Schipperke puppies for sale Australia

Breed information:
Adult weight range
Average lifespan
14 years
Adult height at shoulder
Males:32cm/12.5" Females:27cm/10.5"
Average weekly cost
Schipperke usually come in black, however can also be found in any other whole colour - especially cream and gold.
The breed requires brushing with a stiff-bristled brush once a week.
The unique appearance of the Schipperke is thought to have originated in Belgium in the 1600s, where the breed was developed. It is thought to be the smallest of the Belgian Sheepdogs (the Leuvenaar, not the modern day Belgian Shepherd). The breed was also used as barge dog in Belgium, but was not developed as such.
The breed is a good guard dog for his size, and will let you know if there are strangers around. He is very loyal to his family and protective if need be.
Schipperke like regular stimulation and activity. They are not suited to being left alone for long periods, and can become bored and destructive if this happens.

Ophnbark Kennels, VIC

Beadale Kennels, SA

Ever Kennels, NSW   


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