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Schnauzer breed Information

Schnauzers come in Giant, Standard and Miniature variants.

Thanks to Von Ruf Miniature Schnauzers for the pictures of Miniature Schnauzer puppies & adults used on this page, and the additional information provided.

Thanks to Munchener Giant Schnauzers for the pictures of Giant Schnauzer puppies & adults used on this page, and the additional information provided.

Miniature Schnauzer puppies for sale  Miniature Schnauzer puppies

Miniature Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer puppies  Giant Schnauzer puppies for sale

Giant Schnauzer

Breed information:
Adult weight range
Giant:  30-50+kg
Standard:  16-18kg
Miniature: 7-8kg
Average lifespan
10-12 years
Adult height at shoulder
Giant: Males & Females: 60cm - 70cm
Standard:  Males:48cm Females:45cm
Miniature: Males:35cm Females:33cm
Average weekly cost
Giant:  $25
Standard:  $20
Miniature: $15
Giant: Can be found in solid black or pepper & salt.
Miniature: Can be found in solid black, pepper & salt or black & silver.
The breed needs to be groomed into the “Schnauzer Look” several times per year.  The involves clipping the ears, cheeks and rear and scissoring the eyebrows and leg furnishings.  The body coat can either be clipped or hand stripped. Individuals can be groomed at a grooming salon or the owner can learn to do this themselves.
Schnauzers originated  in Germany in the 1400s. The Standard is the original type, and was developed as a vermin controller. Because of it's intelligence it was quickly utilised as a watchdog and guard dog also.
The breed make excellent guard and watch dogs, which are roles they were developed for early in their history. They are good family dogs, provided they are raised with the one family.
They can be very territorial towards other dogs and animals. This tendency needs to be watched, especially as they become older.

Mondiso Park (Miniature) Kennels, QLD

Munchener (Giant) Kennels, QLD

Lauthala (Standard) Kennels, QLD

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