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Weimaraner breed Information

Weimaraner Dog Breed – The Ultimate Guide 2020




Are you looking for a dog that’s full of energy and life? Well, the Weimaraner dog breed is one of a kind as it’s fast, powerful yet friendly and loyal as well. If you’re looking for a dog that’s reliable and can be trusted as a friend then look no further, as Weimaraner’s are possibly the best out there.

This ultimate guide will explore into all the details of what the Weimaraner breed dog is all about. Basically, after reading this guide, you’ll be able to understand whether a Weimaraner is a good choice for your home or not.

The Unique Characteristics of a Weimaraner Dog:

The Weimaraner dog breed, also known as the Silver Ghost is a predominantly hunting dog. It traces its origins from Germany where the dog is quite popular. Back in the day, the dog was only seen as a hunter but not anymore. The Weimaraner dog breed is a really friendly and a loving dog as well, it all depends on how much exercise it gets!


It’s full of Energy & Life:

Yes, Weimaraner is an energetic dog that is playful and perfect if you yourself love to play with dogs physically. We would like to point out that the Weimaraner dog breed isn’t for everyone as these dogs have tremendous energy and stamina. Hence, they require more exercises and even mental stimulation. It is seen that if these dogs aren’t given enough exercise, they kind of become nervous which shouldn’t be the case for any dog.

Adaptability – 3 Star Rating

Weimaraner dogs are only 3 stars rated in adaptability simply because of the fact that you need ample space and certain other factors come into play as well. Weimaraner dogs will not get adapted easily to any setting and you have to put in the effort to provide them a comfort zone:

  • Adaptation to Apartment Living:
  • Only one star when it comes to apartment living simply because of the fact that Weimaraner dog breeds require ample space for recreation. They require a playing space which can be a yard but an apartment is just to small and he will feel suffocated.
    • Not so Good for Novice Owners:
  • If you don’t have much experience with dogs, then it’s probably better you don’t go for the Weimaraner dog breed. These dogs require extra care due to them being sensitive and always requiring mental stimulation. Hence, only rated at two stars.
    • Toleration of being Alone:
  • The Weimaraner dog breed doesn’t like to be alone as it’s a social animal and needs an outlet where it can release its energy. Only rated at one star, so you can’t really leave the dog alone as it will make him nervous.
    • Tolerates Cold Weather:
  • The Weimaraner dog breed is naturally tolerable towards cold weather as it’s a hunting dog to begin with. If you live in an area where it’s cold for the most part of the year, then this dog can be a good option.
    • Tolerates Hot Weather:
  • Rated at four stars, the Weimaraner dog breed can adapt easily in hot weather. These dogs are rough and are prone to adapting in extreme weather, doesn’t make much of a difference if you live in a cold or hot environment.


All Around Friendliness – 4 Star Rating:


The Weimaraner dog breed is known for being a fun, energetic and a friendly dog. They easily adapt and can make friends with just about everyone including adults, kids, other dogs and even strangers. This doesn’t imply they can’t provide protection against intruders.



  • Affectionate with Family:

Weimaraner bred is a family dog and you’ll see that it will make friends easily with everyone in the family. This characteristic is rated at 5 stars.

  • Kid-Friendly:

Weimaraner dog loves playing and making friends with kids. As kids love to play, the Weimaraner joins in the fun easily.

  • Dog Friendly:

They can get a bit aggressive towards other dogs but rarely. Rated at three stars they do love playing with other dogs.

  • Friendly towards Strangers:

They aren’t normally hostile towards strangers hence rated at 3 stars.

Health & Grooming Needs – 4 Star Rating:

It is essential to know the health and grooming needs of a dog breed as it helps one to understand what they can expect from the dog and how to groom it properly.

  • Amount of Shedding:

Rated at 4 out 5 stars, the Weimaraner dog breed does shed excessively.

  • Drooling Potential:

Weimaraner drool a lot! Hence, they are rated at 4 out of 5 stars.

  • Easy to Groom:

Rated at 5 Stars, they are very easy to groom as they are friendly and will do just about anything you ask them!

  • General Health:

Rated at 3 stars, Weimaraner dogs are a little prone towards infections and other diseases. However, with proper care you can avoid such complications with ease.

  • Potential for Weight Gain:

Poorly rated at two stars, the potential for gaining weight is higher than other dogs because they do like to eat more.

  • Size:

Rated 4 stars out of 5, the Weimaraner dog breeds are seen as large dogs and they can look intimidating as well.

Trainability – 4 Stars:


  • Easy to Train:

The Weimaraner dog breed is a natural hunting dog and hence training it is even easier. Rated at 4 out of 5 stars.

  • Intelligence:

At 5 stars, they are very intelligent animals, this is also another reason why they can be trained easily.

  • Potential for Mouthiness:

Don’t forget, Weimaraner dogs love being mouthy. You’ll see them chewing and biting at all sorts of stuff around your house.

  • Prey Drive:

Rated again at 5 stars, as they are natural born hunters. Their prey drive is high as they love to hunt.

  • Tendency to Bark & Howl:

They rarely bark and howl hence rated at only 2 stars from 5.

  • Wanderlust Potential:

Weimaraners have huge wanderlust potential, as they are natural hunting dogs. One can expect that they will roam around the park and explore things due to their mind being curious.

Physical Needs – 5 Stars:

We can’t stress this enough, Weimaraner dog breed has extensive physical needs simply because they’re hunting dogs. One must take care in terms of giving them daily dose of exercise because if they miss them, it can make the dog nervous.


  • Energy Level:

Rated at 5 stars, energy levels of the Weimaraner dog are high and they are always looking hyped up.

  • Intensity:

With high amounts of intensity, it’s common for Weimaraner dogs to eat and drink with huge gulps. They often run into obstacles intentionally and like to tear objects as well.

  • Exercise Needs:

Exercise needs is also rated at 5 stars, Weimaraner dogs need rigorous exercise throughout the day. Don’t expect that an evening stroll with your dog will suffice.

  • Potential for Playfulness:

With all that energy piled up, they are rated at 5 stars for being playful.

Important Stats You Should Know About Weimaraner Dog Breeds




Dog Breed Group/Purpose

Sporting Dogs


Energetic, Friendly & Intense

Coat Length

Traditional Smooth Coat

Average Height

59 - 63 Centimeters Females

62-67 Centimeters Male

Weight Range

30-40 Kilograms

Energy Level


Social/Attention Needs


Life Expectancy

11-14 Years

Exercise Requirements

1-2 Hours of High Impact Exercise

Grooming Requirements

4-8 weeks


















Other Fun Facts Regarding Weimaraner:


Interestingly, Weimaraner puppies are born with stripes. However, these stripes do disappear after 15 days. Not only the stripes disappear, but their body color also changes from blue to light blue, amber or grey.

Weimaraner dogs are specifically bred for hunting and due to this they are full of energy and need regular exercise. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t friendly, they just need extra time and grooming.

Tracking events for dogs in which they have to use their scent ability are favorite for Weimaraner. They can easily use their scenting ability to find a hidden object.

They are often called as the Grey Ghost. This is due to the fact that they have their body color as grey and their preying technique is literally ghost like. They are marvelous hunters!

Weimaraner dogs try their best to disguise their own scent during hunting. This characteristic enables them to hunt without leaving a trace! They do this by covering themselves in any other material to disguise their scent.

Don’t leave them alone or ignore them for a long time as they don’t like that. Weimaraner dogs often get depressed if they feel rejected.

Just because they are full of energy doesn’t mean they don’t have an off switch. Usually, when they have had a high impact exercise they go into relaxed mood.


What Is The History/Origin Of Weimaraner Dog Breed

The might of a Weimaraner dog can be traced from its origins. It’s an all purpose gun-dog and history traces it back to the beginning of 19th century when it was used for hunting. They were typically owned by Royal families for the purpose of hunting big animals such as bear, boar and deer. Later on, smaller animals such as rabbits and foxes were also hunted by Weimaraner. The name Weimaraner comes from a German city called Weimar where it was first bred.


In the beginning, not a lot of people knew about the breed yet there was a lot of talk about the grey ghost. To protect the breed a German Club was formed where the specific breed was bred, first for hunting large animals and then for hunting smaller animals. The famous New England Sportsman, Howard Knight also was in the membership club. Since then, the popularity of Weimaraner dog breed shot up and the Weimaraner Club of America was formed.

What is the Average Size of a Weimaraner?

Weimaraner dogs look agile and athletic. They are considered as a big dog though and need plenty of space for living. Female Weimaraner dogs have a height of 59-63 cm. Whereas male dogs have a height of 62-67cm. Their average weight is around 30-40 Kilograms.

What is the Personality of Weimaraner Dog Breed?

The personality traits of a Weimaraner dog make it a truly trustworthy dog. It’s an excellent companion as it loves to play and has a knack for exploration. Normally, they are considered as alert and fearless dogs, hence they can certainly be trusted in terms of providing protection.


The Weimaraner dog breed has immense strength and energy to vent out. This is the reason it’s always ready to play. Normally, they need a couple of hours every day for high impact exercises. If they don’t get their dose of exercise, chances are they will get nervous and even depressed.


What Are the Major Health Concerns of Weimaraner Dog Breed?


Weimaraner Dog Breed also known as silver ghosts or gray ghosts are playful, social, inquisitive, and loyal dogs. Living with a Weimaraner can be a bit challenging as they are originally bred as a gundog and they require training otherwise they are friendly and loving. If you want to keep a Weimaraner dog you may want to know these major health concerns.





Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV)

Gastric Dilation Volvulus disorder can affect any dog but mostly it affects large and deep chested dogs. This disorder can cause serious problems and can also be life-threatening. A GDA is a condition of bloating in the volvulus which is caused by excessive gas filled in the stomach. The gas filled stomach becomes inverted which blocks the entrance and exit of the stomach.


What causes GDV

  • The main cause is still unknown.
  • This condition affects the large dogs. 
  • When a dog eat or drink rapidly and than exercise. 

Symptoms of GDV

  • Enlargement of the dogs abdomen 
  • Tiredness 
  • Retching 
  • Salivation
  • An affected dog will feel pain when touched or pressed on the affected area 

Hypertrophic osteodystrophy (CHD)


Hypertrophic osteodystrophy is a condition that is caused in the early months of a dogs life. CHD is a bone disease which occurs in giant breed dogs. This disease in Weimaraner Dog Breed can be severe and life-threatening if not treated in time.


What causes CHD

  • Increased vitamin uptake
  • canine distemper 
  • Excessive calcium intake 
  • Symptoms of CHD
    • Fever
    • Swollen bones 
    • Affected area will cause pain when touched 

Spinal Dysraphism


Spinal Dysraphism is a neurological condition which affects the spinal cord. It is basically spinal cord’s malformation that occurs in Weimaraner dog breed. This disorder is in a group of the neural tube defect which are a result of abnormal embryonal developments.

What causes spinal dysraphism

  • Infection 
  • Trauma 
  • Tumor 

Symptoms of spinal dysraphism

  • Abnormal gait 
  • Abnormal dorsal cervical hair patterns
  • Genetics 
  • Abnormal head positions 

Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD)

CHD is a conditions that affects the dog’s hip joint, an affected dog tends to loose laxity which results in instability and limb and joint dysfunction. This mostly happens if the hip joint is not developed properly when growing. This condition can be managed if complete attention is given. Larger dogs are more prone to this condition as they have a heavy body.


What causes Canine Hip Dysplasia

  • Excessive growth 
  • Exercises 
  • Improper diet 
  • Genetics 

Symptoms of CHD

  • Laziness 
  • Difficulty in running or jumping 
  • Lameness in limbs 
  • Abnormal gait 
  • Grinding in joint movements 


Entropion is a condition in which the eye lids roll inwards causing pain and irritability. This condition can affect the eye sight as the eyelashes interact with the cornea causing pain, corneal ulcers, pigment development, and perforations which disturb the eye sight and can result in losing sight.


What causes Entropion

  • Eyelid injuries 
  • Eyelid surgery 
  • Skin problems near eyes which affect eyelids 

Symptoms of Entropion

  • Rolled eyelids 
  • Watery eyes
  • Squinting 
  • Rubbing 
  • Dark brown pigment on cornea 
  • Pawing at the eyes 

How to take care of Weimaraner Dogs?

Taking care of Weimaraner dogs can be a little hard but only if you don’t like being outdoorsy and exercising. Weimaraner are fast, agile, loyal and intelligent, these benefits aside, they do need plenty of care.


Like many other breeds, Weimaraner is no different in terms of developing its personality. One must start grooming it from a young age if they want their dog to develop all the good traits.

It doesn’t like to be alone, hence its important that you give it time and be friends. Here are some of the tips which you can use to take care of Weimaraner dog breed:

Exercise Two Hours Daily

They need regular high impact exercise for two hours daily. Without this, they will only end up depressed.

Socialize from a Young Age:

A Weimaraner must be socialized with other dogs and even strangers from a young age.

Train him For Alone Time:

Weimaraner's get bad separation anxiety and if left alone without training they might actually turn your house upside down. Develop this habit from a young age, leave them alone first in short intervals and then longer.


We suggest to brush the dog at least once a week. Clean his ears on a weekly basis. His teeth require care and must be brushed 2-3 times a week. You can bathe him after every three weeks.

Potty Training:

Potty training must be initiated at a young age. He must be trained in such a way that he can identify where needs to poop. Hence give him some space and put a couple of his favorite toys and command him so he can identify the catchphrase.

What is the Ideal Diet for Weimaraner Dogs:

One must pay close attention and care when it comes to getting the best out your Weimaraner. His diet should be enriched of nutrients so it can get the best out of it. Richness in animal proteins is a must for the Weimaraner breed.

Best Dog Food for Weimaraner Dog Breed:

Here is a list of the best dog food for Weimaraner Dog Breed. Make sure to use these dog foods for the best results in growth and personality development.


Coat Color and Grooming Needs for Weimaraner:

Weimaraner is considered as having a sleek coat which requires little to no care really. They at times shed often during certain periods but when the shedding is complete, the hair wouldn’t really get tangled. Brushing once a week is enough.

As pups, their coat color can be blue but with time changes to amber, gray or even silver


What Tools should you use to groom your Weimaraner:

Here’s a bunch of tools that can help you out easily in keeping your dog clean and well-groomed:

  • Slicker Brush
  • Steel Pet Comb
  • Dual Sided Shedding Blade
  • Nail Clipper


How Do Weimaraner relate with Children & other Pets

Weimaraner are usually quite adaptable and love playing with just about anybody. With children they do play and can never really harm them or be aggressive. Given that, they are trained from a younger age. The same can be said with other dogs. They can be hostile towards other dogs but if socialized at a younger age it won’t be much a problem.

Australian Based Breed Organizations for Weimaraner:

Here is a list of Australian Based Breed Organizations for Weimaraner breed dog:


Rescue Groups for Weimaraner Australia:

Here is a list of rescue groups for Weimaraner in Australia:


Some Final Thoughts on Weimaraner Dog Breed:

If you need a dog that never bores you out then Weimaraners are definitely the best option. They require plenty of exercise, are friendly and depicts a dog that’s not just loyal but also can be trusted in all kinds of situations. They adapt easily to weather conditions regardless if its hot or cold. The only thing before buying is that this dog bursts of energy and if you lack the energy in keeping him busy then this isn’t the dog for you.

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