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Welsh Springer Spaniel breed Information

Welsh Springer Spaniel: The Ultimate Breed Guide 2020

Let me guess.


You are wondering whether Welsh springer spaniel will make a good pet. Or, you are just educating yourself on the breed.


Whatever your intention or goals are in connection with why you are here, we are glad you are in the right place.


Well, here’s the thing… 


A lot of pet parents never take the time to learn more about their breed, which is dangerous. The beauty of knowing is you will know how to care about the breed and how to live with it.


In other words, this is not going to be a big challenge for you. In this guide, we want to educate you on everything about the Welsh Springer Spaniel. Armed with knowledge like this, you will decide on whether Welsh Springer Spaniel will make a good pet or not.


Sounds good, right?


Let’s get started.


What You Need to Know First: Breed Characteristics

Welsh springer spaniels belong to the Spaniel family. The breed has an independent streak. What that means is, this is a dog that loves to do things on their things with little to no supervision. And because of that Welsh springer spaniels become sensitive when treated unfairly.


These dogs are reserved to people they don’t know but they are loyal to members of the family. What we also found interesting is, they are athletic and well-muscled. That is why they are synonymous with hunters because they perform well in the game courtesy of their high prey drive.


When it comes to the family, you will notice the dogs are affectionate and excellent family companions. In fact, they are loving and less outgoing compared to the English springer spaniels. Her undivided affection and love are only directed to the members of the family and no one else.


Besides that, you will notice they have energy and like to stay active. That means, it is a breed that will need constant attention from you. It is also worth noting that his temperament is calm. What this means is, this is a dog you can leave to play with your kids. If you have always wanted a dog that will always follow you even if you go to the toilet, then Welsh Springer Spaniels takes the trophy.


Let's look at how the dog measures upon characteristics.




Let's agree on one thing. Welsh springer spaniel is affectionate dogs. What that means is, they have a high adaptability rating of 4 stars out 5. What's more, they don't like staying at home alone. Let's break down everything:


    • Adapts well to apartment living:  Yes, they can adapt to apartment life although they are high energy dogs. That said, you must ensure they receive plenty of exercises to keep them happy. Here they have a rating of 4 stars out 5.
  • Good for novice: This is a great dog for novice pet parents or those who have never owned a pet before. The breed does not need much in terms of management and care. In this category, we give this breed 4 stars out 5.


  • Sensitivity level: This breed has unquestionable loyalty towards his people. He is usually in the shadow following his owner even in the toilet and lying on their lap. Best of all, he is always willing to please the owner. This is a sensitive dog and if left alone, it can suffer from a separation anxiety disorder. For that reason, the dog takes a rating of 5 out of 5.


  • Tolerates being alone: If you leave them alone, the dog is likely to suffer separation anxiety. The loneliness can make the dog engage in destructive behavior. For that reason, they hold a rating of 1 star out of 5.
  • Tolerates cold weather: Welsh springer spaniels have a soft dense coat that protects them from cold wealth. That said, they hold a 4 star out 5 rating in this category.


  • Tolerates hot weather: Welsh springer spaniels can live in a hot weather climate because without having any challenges. In this category, they hold a 4-star rating out 5.


All Round Friendliness



These dogs are introvert although friendly in nature to their owner. They will be happy and outgoing to the owner. What's more, you will enjoy their sense of humor. If you manage to give them plenty of exercise, training, and attention, Welsh springer spaniels will be your best friend. The dog is always alert and protective which makes them an excellent watchdog. The one caveat with this dog is that they are stubborn. In other words, these dogs will need constant training and positive reinforcement. Let's break down everything in details:


  • Affectionate with family: Welsh springer spaniels make excellent family pets because they are affectionate. They are gentle, intelligent, and devoted to the family. That said, if you want a typical velcro dog you can develop a strong bond with, you can't go wrong with Welsh springer spaniels. In this category, they take 5 star our 5 ratings.


  • Kid-friendly: These dogs are gentle to kids. If you need a pup that can grow with your two-year-old son, Welsh springer spaniel is the real deal. Since these dogs love to show lots of exuberance and jump a lot to show their joy. You may need to take them to a puppy school so that they don't jump and knock your kids. For that reason, we give them a 5 star out of 5 ratings.


  • Dog friendly:  They behave well around other pets, even small ones. The only caveat is, they see birds as prey. Although they get well with other dogs, they love people which means you can't leave them alone for too long. In this category, they have a rate 4 stars out 5.


  • Friendly towards strangers: These dogs are reserved for strangers. Therefore, you will need to ensure they have early socialization to prevent their timidness. Here they are rated 3 stars out 5.


Health And Grooming Needs


When it comes to health, Welsh Springer Spaniels are rated 3 stars out of 5. That is a fair rating because like all breeds, they also have their own health challenges. But if you groom them and watch their health well, you will stay with them for a very long time. Let's break down everything.

  • Amount of shedding: Since they have a dense soft coat, they will shed hair when you brush them. In this area, we give them a rating of 3 stars out 5 because they are not notorious shedders.


  • Drooling potential: They have a low tendency to drool and they hold a rating of 1 star out 5.


  • Easy to groom: These dogs are easy to groom. You can brush them to make them look at their best and protect them from mats. That's because their coat is silk and easy to groom. Therefore you can easily protect these breeds from tangles. In the grooming department, we give them a rating of 4 stars out 5.


  • General health: When it comes to health, Welsh springer spaniels hold a 4-star out 5 ratings. They don’t get sick often like other breeds.


  • Potential for weight gain: These dogs have the potential to gain weight quickly. That's why they must receive excellent amounts of exercise. In this category, they hold 4-star ratings.


  • Size: Welsh Springer Spaniels have a moderate body size and we give it a rating of 3 stars rating.



These dogs are trainable and eager to please. A typical spaniel has lots of enthusiasm. They are intelligent dogs that will learn new tricks quickly. Since they are reserved, early socialization and training are important. Let’s break down.


  • Easy To Train: Welsh springer spaniel learn very fast because they are intelligent dogs. In this category, they hold a 5 star out of 5. When you bring the puppy at home, ensure to take it to the puppy school, and introduce early socialization because the dogs can be timid to strangers.


  • Intelligence: Welsh springer spaniels are intelligent breeds and they score a 5-star rating in this category. In other words, you will have an easy time during training.


  • Prey Drive: Welsh Springer Spaniels were bred to hunt. Although they get along well with other dogs and pets, they see birds as prey. In other words, if you have a parrot or any other bird as a pet, it may be challenging to keep them. That said, since they are affectionate and loving dogs, they hold a 3-star rating in this category.


  • Tendency To Bark Or Howl:  These dogs will bark to alert you that you have someone or a stranger at home. Howling and barking come naturally to Welsh springer spaniels. Since they bark a lot, they hold a 5 star out 5 rating.


  • Wanderlust Potential: These dogs were bred to hunt and they need lots of exercises than your average dog. They have lots of stamina and energy to work in all kinds of weather and terrain. What's more, they have a strong hunting instinct. That said, you need to ensure they are on leash most of the time. In this category, they hold a 5 star out of 5 ratings.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Physical Needs

Before you settle for any breed, you have to know whether you can meet its physical needs or not. Welsh springer spaniel is a dog that has a high physical needs you must meet to make the dog happy. That said, the dog holds a 5 star out 5 rating. Here’s our breakdown:


  • Energy level: Welsh springer spaniel have a high energy level. That said, you must keep the dogs active to be happy. Their energy level makes them have a strong hunting instinct. In this category, these dogs are rated 5 stars out of 5


  • Intensity: These dogs have a high intensity with a rating of 4 stars out 5. If left alone without any supervision they can be destructive. That said, ensure you have lots of toys for these dogs.


  • Exercise Needs: As we have said earlier, Welsh springer spaniel has lots of energy drive and stamina. In other words, these dogs will need more exercise than your average dogs.  The more exercises you provide them, the more you keep them happy. That said, they hold a 5 star out 5 rating. 


  • Potential For Playfulness: This is a playful breed with a 4-star rating.


Vital Stats About Welsh Springer Spaniel Dogs



Dog Breed Group/Purpose

Spaniel dogs


Friendly, Affectionate, loving, and playful

Coat Length

Soft, straight, flat coat, with some feathering

Average Height

Males 43 - 48 cm & Females 41 - 46 cm

Weight Range

Males 18 - 20kg & Females  16 - 20kg

Energy Level


Social/Attention Needs


Life Expectancy

12-15 years

Exercise Requirements

Three walks per day

Grooming Requirements

Twice a week

















How Welsh Springer Spaniel Came into Existence Breed


The Welsh springer spaniel belongs to the spaniel family. This breed is a close relative of the English springer spaniel. They share a historical lineage. The biggest difference is that the Welsh are small, they have red and white markings but their personality traits are the same.


Most spaniels have their ancestral roots from the original ancient hunting spaniels of the Iberian Peninsula. Their name came from the word “Spaniard.” The Welsh springer spaniels existed in the 16th century in the United Kingdom,  the red and white variety which are common in Wales existed in the 18th century.


In the 18th century, these breeds were popular with the nobles and gentry. They were known for their enthusiastic hunting skills. The dogs could push their prey to the trap. These dogs had excellent scenting abilities. Thanks to their webbed feet, these dogs are also super swimmers.


Later on, the English springer spaniel became more popular than the Welsh springer spaniel in the 19 century.  In 1902, the Kennel Club in the UK decided to recognize these two breeds as different.


The gentry who lived in South Wales raised these breeds for years. One famous breeder in the 1900s called A.T. William was passionate about dog’s ability and lobbied for the preservation of this breed. William’s grandfather also had the same breed in the 1800s. William’s dog, called Corrin was the first Welsh Springer Spaniel to be photographed.


In the 1800s, Americans imported the Welsh springer spaniels which became famous which made the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognize them in 1906. While the numbers of Welsh springer spaniel continue to increase, these dogs are still rare. The dogs that are popular today are the English Springer Spaniel.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Size (For Both Male And Female)


Welsh springer spaniel is a medium-sized dog that has a compact body. That said, the average height of the male Welsh springer spaniels is 43 to 48 cm while the male is 41 to 46 cm. When it comes to weight, the male weighs between 18kg to 20kg while the female weighs 16kg to 20kg.


Welsh Springer Spaniel’s Personality 


This is a loyal dog that will be happy to please you. The dog is always happy to be with the family and children. Most importantly, participating in the family activities. The dog is small and has a low energy level.


The dog needs a parent who can show leadership traits or it may not listen to common commands. What's more, it may become overprotective. From experience, dogs that don't have parents who are consistent pack leaders struggle with protective tendencies.


These dogs tend to be reserved towards strangers and timid. Perhaps, the worst experience is where the dog is sensitive to your voice and won’t listen when they know they are stronger than you. But that’s not all, the dogs may also never respond well to harsh discipline.


As a Spaniel parent, you have to be calm and show excellent leadership skills to the dog. That explains why you need to train the dog to learn hunting, positive manners, listening to commands, and not wandering. One thing that you can't control is the hunting instinct of the dog. What that means is, you need to work with their natural ability rather than against it.


The best way to keep this dog at his best behavior is by introducing early socialization, plenty of activities, and training. Children and other pets will always love the dog's gentle side, especially when the dog was raised with them. Bear in mind that you may need to supervise your toddler when they are playing with the dog.


Welsh springer spaniel is a hard-working dog that will handle any terrain and he enjoys being outdoors most of the time. If you are not a hunter, you can give this dog two or three long walks per day to satisfy his exercising needs.


Although sometimes the Welshie can be stubborn, they will respond fast to consistent training and rewards. When they are puppies they will always test to see what they can get away with. That said, ensure you get him to a puppy school as early as possible.

The Welsh Springer Spaniel’s Health

Welsh Springers are healthy dogs. Like most breeds, they have their own health challenges. Bear in mind that not all Welshies will have these diseases. Some will be healthy throughout their life. That said, when you decide to buy a Welsh springer spaniel, you need to be aware of them.


When buying a Welsh springer spaniel puppy, it can be difficult to know whether they have these conditions such as hip and elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, eye problem, glaucoma, and atrophy.


That said, you need to find a reputable breeder who breeds the healthiest animal. Therefore, ensure they have an independent certification of the dog's parents and grandparents to know the family's health history. The dog's parents and grandparents must have been screened for these defects.


Ask your breeder for health clearance certification such as the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, von Willebrand's diseases, and hypothyroidism, Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF). You can confirm these certifications when you visit the OFA website (offa.org).


Any reputable breeder will give you all the tests results both positive and negative without holding any information. A careful breeder will ensure the dog you are buying is free from any genetic disease. Rest assured that with the advances in veterinary medicine today, the Welsh springer spaniel can still live an excellent life even if it has a genetic disease. One way to extend Welsh springer's life is to keep him in the right shape. Let's look at some of the diseases that may catch up with the dog:


  • Hip Dysplasia: This a heritable condition that affects the thigh bone. What happens here is, the dog experiences pain and lameness on either one or both rear legs. Like most pet parents, you may notice any signs of discomfort. But as the dog ages, they are likely to get arthritis. Any dog that has hip dysplasia should never be bred. That said ensure you have the health clearance certificate of both the parents and grandparents.


  • Entropion:  It is a condition where the lower eyelid folds inward towards the eye causing a chronic irritation on the eye. These conditions can only be corrected through surgery.


  • Epilepsy: It is a seizure disorder present in some Welsh springer spaniels but not all. Although it has no cure, the diseases can be managed symptomatically.

How to Care for Welsh Springer Spaniel


Welsh springer spaniels are a people-oriented breed that loves the company of people. In other words, this is a dog that will need most of your time and attention. Since they are typical velcro dogs, they will cement a strong bond with you.


If you fail to give these dogs lots of attention they can suffer from separation anxiety. The dogs are a little bit reserved for strangers. That said early socialization and ongoing training to ensure the dogs don't develop nervousness are vital.


Welsh springer spaniel has a gentle temperament, therefore they make a perfect pet for children. However, the dogs tend to be over-excited when they play with kids and jump often. The thing you can do here is to train the dog so that it doesn't jump to every member of the family accidentally.


Welsh springer spaniel makes excellent sports competitors. What we mean is, they are strong swimmers and runners too. Since they have strong hunting instincts, you must ensure you have a solid recall and you never leave the dog unattended in a place where they will start chasing small animals.


Besides that, they tend to dig and are known for barking. These two habits can be problematic if the dog is not trained well or unchecked from time to time. To control the digging habit, you can give them an alternative form of stimulation like a designated digging sandpit.


When it comes to barking, you can reward alternative desirable behaviors. One thing you will love about these dogs is they are eager to please. What that means is, they will respond to gentle force-free training well. That said, training them to leave digging and barking will be easy if you do it well. These dogs shed little and therefore you will need to brush their coat at least once a week.


Welsh Springer Spaniel’s Recommended Diet


Welsh springers need 1.5 to 2.5 cups of high-quality dry food twice per day. How much the dog eats depends on his size, age, metabolism, and physical activity levels. Bear in mind that the quality of food you give the Welshie will play a role in his health and nourishment. Since these dogs are motivated by food, you need to be careful so that you don't overfeed. Obesity in dogs is a common problem and it can cause other serious health challenges.

Coat Color And Grooming


These dogs have straight, flat, non-wiry soft coats. The coat is dense and can protect the dog from wet, cold, and hot weather. What's more, the dogs have moderate feathering on the forelegs, hind legs, chest, and belly.


Their ears and tail are lightly feathered too. The dog's coat color can be dark, rich red, and white. These dogs are easy to groom. All you need is to brush them regularly to make them look beautiful and prevent mats that cause shedding. Since the dog's ears hang down, ensure you clean them at least once a week. 

Welsh Springer Spaniel Breed Organizations & Rescue Groups


Here are the common breed organizations and rescue groups where you can find Welsh Springer Spaniels:
Australia Welsh Springer Spaniel Rescue

Welsh and English springer spaniel rescue

Goldmaid Welsh Springer Spaniel Breeds

Welsh Springer  Spaniel Australia


There are a lot of rescue centers or breed organizations we have not listed here. If you don't see any rescue center listed in your area, you may need to contact the local breed club, and they will point you in the right direction.  Welsh springer spaniel is a wonderful breed that will make an excellent family pet. As long as you give this dog plenty of exercise in a day, you can live with it comfortably in your apartment.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Photo Gallery

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