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White Swiss Shepherd breed Information

White Swiss Shepherd puppies for sale  White Swiss Shepherd

Thanks to Royal Swiss White Shepherds, Victoria for the pictures and additional information on this page.

Breed information:
Adult weight range
Males: 30-40Kg, Females: 25-35Kg
Average lifespan
12 years
Adult height at shoulder
Males:58-66cm Females:53-61cm
Average weekly cost
The breed is all white in colour - as the name suggest!.
The coat requires daily brushing to keep it matt and tangle-free.
The breed is new to Australia; being recognized only since 2008. These beautiful dogs are still hard to come by but they are worth the wait to acquire. They are gentle and sensitive by nature, but have the guarding instincts of the German Shepherd without any untoward aggression. The are a dog that needs company and will not suit a lifestyle where their owners are parted from them for any length of time. They are a stunning looking dog in the show ring and potential breeders looking for a breed to show that is new and in demand will do well to consider  these dogs. They need a brush every day to keep their long coats from tangles and a wash before a show, but are very easy to keep. They are good natured and make an excellent family pet for the family that has enough time to spend with them.

Individuals from the breed are good natured and make an excellent family pet for the family that has enough time to spend with them. They are good around children, and like many breeds with a similar background, make good family guardians if properly trained and socialised with family members (especially children) at a young age.

The breed is not suited to being left alone for long periods of time. They should have a companion animal with them at the very least. As is the case with other shepherding-type dogs, this breed derives from working stock, regardless of whether some work tendencies have been bred out of them or not. Therefore as a minimum it is important to provide daily exercise should you be considering purchasing an individual from this breed.


Royal Swiss Kennels, Victoria

Royal Swiss Kennels


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