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Do you write articles and/or blog posts on the subject of adult dogs and/or puppies? Then The Daily Dog (the official pups4sale.com.au blog) would love to hear from you! We enjoy sharing articles from all over the doggie-verse, so if you have an article or post you would love to see published, just send a bark-mail our way via our contact page, or alternatively if you have an article ready to go, you can register as a Contributor here. Even if we don't have a matching category for your post, we can always create a new one! So get writing - we'd love to make you famous!

Plus our favourite posts each week are featured in The Weekly Woof newsletter, which goes out to over 11,000 of our members across Australia each Friday/Saturday. If you have a product or service to promote, for a small fee we can include a summary of the blog post about your product/service in The Weekly Woof, which links directly to the blog post itself.

If you publish on or own a canine related blog site, please let us know. We enjoy submitting articles for publication on other blogs too. A variety of authors adds to the popularity of any given blog, plus we like to see our articles published on other sites as well as having guest bloggers post on ours.

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